Primary Maths Coaching Workshop for Parents

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Primary Maths Coaching Workshop for Parents

Postby mceducation1 » Mon Oct 03, 2016 5:23 pm


Hi Parents,

Are you always wondering which is the best way to teach a Maths concept when coaching your child in his/her homework? Do your child's maths homework and exams instil a sense of fear and anxiety in you as much as it does in them?

Dispel frustrations when coaching your child with useful and practical tips from our experts. Join us in a series of primary maths coaching workshops and be empowered to lead your child to academic success. We will delve into the common misconceptions and challenges that arise in the learning of the various subjects and discuss the strategies that can help your child overcome them.

Below are the topics that we will be covering in the coaching workshops:

P1 & P2 Coaching Session
- Whole numbers 1
- Whole numbers 2
- Fractions
- Solving Word Problems and Patterning & Geometry

- 5 & 12 November 2016 OR
- 4 & 11 March 2017

P3 & P4 Coaching Session
- Whole numbers
- Fractions & Decimals
- Measurements & Geometry
- Solving Word Problems and Patterning

- 26 November & 3 December 2016 OR
- 1 & 8 April 2017

P5 & P6 Coaching Session
- Algebra, Percentage & Fraction
- Measurement
- Geometry
- Solving Word Problems involving Ratio & Speed

- 18 & 25 March 2017

For more information on the workshops, visit ... or-parents

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