2017 PSLE Parent Seminars and Student Workshops

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2017 PSLE Parent Seminars and Student Workshops

Postby mceducation1 » Tue Dec 27, 2016 7:05 pm


When it comes to PSLE preparation, many parents want to give the best support to their children in helping them achieve academic success. In this series of parent seminars and student workshops, workshops, we equip you and your child with practical and effective strategies to manage exam preparation jitters.

Our subject experts, who have more than 10 years of teaching experience, will delve into the curriculum topics of each subject to help parents understand outcomes of the national exam and key focus areas of the various subjects to be able to coach your children using effective learning strategies.

You can expect to learn:

- Various components of the PSLE papers and what they entail
- How to identify key trends in PSLE questions so that you child can focus on key learning areas during revision
- How to track your child's learning progress
- How to select the right type of learning resources (assessment books, guide books, and test papers) to aid your child's revision
- Tips and strategies to score in oral and composition
- Answering techniques for science and comprehension questions
- Other non-academic skills that will help your child in effective revision

Register today via http://bit.ly/2ht7oFI

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