Stories that Matter - Objectifs film screenings

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Stories that Matter - Objectifs film screenings

Postby dash88 » Tue Feb 14, 2017 8:29 pm

Cameraperson by Kirsten Johnson / 103 min / 2016 / Rating TBC

Documentary cinematographer Kirsten Johnson reaches into the annals of a 25-year career, drawing together a series of vignettes from footage filmed all over the world. Through a collage of fragments ranging from the routine of a Nigerian midwife to a boxing match in Brooklyn, New York, Johnson creates an entirely personal narrative derived from her camera’s subjects, bringing to the fore questions about what it means to film another person, and the tension between reality and perception.
What emerges is a thoughtful mediation on the impact of images and imagemaking. In a media saturated world, Camerperson is a gentle but powerful reminder that what we see onscreen should and must be questioned, that what is not shown is often as important as what is.

Safari by Ulrich Seidl / 91 min / 2016 / PG13

Austrian director Ulrich Seidl turns his camera onto the grisly sport of trophy hunting. In doing so, he gives unprecedented access into this unusual past time, often enjoyed by wealthy European tourists in Africa.
In capturing the rapture of German and Austrian tourists as they anticipate, stalk, and kill their prey in the wide open spaces of Africa, Safari offers a glimpse into the psyche and rituals of people who hunt these prize animals for sport, and by extension, presents the darker side of human nature.

City of Jade by Midi Z / Taiwan, Myanmar / 98 min / 2016 / M18

In a bid to understand his estranged brother, Midi Z accompanies him on his return to the jade mines where his brother sought his fortune 16 years ago. Part autobiography, part documentary, City of Jade delves into the lucrative jade mining industry in Myanmar, where the poor dream of striking rich overnight amid perilous and daunting circumstances.
Guided by the interaction between the brothers, the film reveals the grueling conditions under which the miners work, pounding the ground with the most basic of equipment and fearing frequent raids by the military. In its depiction of a side of Myanmar that is far removed from the optimism of its recent pro-democracy reforms, City of Jade is a story of the perennial struggle for survival in the country’s darkest corners.

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