Writing Contests

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Writing Contests

Postby ChiefKiasu » Wed Dec 19, 2012 12:08 pm

Good news! Throughout 2013, KiasuParents.com will be holding writing contests on a bi-monthly basis.

These contests are open to all KiasuParents.com members. All members need to do is to submit an essay of between 500-1000 words before the closing date. The essay should be related to the assigned Topic.

1) You must be a member of KiasuParents.com to submit an entry. There could be an age limit depending on the specific contest.

2) All entries must be submitted before the closing date.

3) Essays must be at least 500 words and less than 2000 words.

4) Members are allowed to submit only 1 entry per member.

5) KiasuParents.com must receive at least 10 qualifying essays from distinct competitors before the contest can be judged. Any contest that receives less than 10 distinct entries from competitors will be nullified and prizes will be carried over to the next contest.

6) At the end of the closing period, the top 3 entries that receive the highest number of "Likes" and "Good Post!" will be short listed for a poll which will determine the final winning entry.

7) KiasuParents.com reserves the right to manage and fine-tune these rules as necessary.

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