GIC Investment

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GIC Investment

Postby WeiHan » Tue Sep 04, 2012 8:51 pm

I heard a news not too long ago that GIC has reduced its stocks exposure and has currently 20+% exposure to resources.

It looks to me that somehow the government hear the suggestion raised in this forum.

I have been suggesting the government diversifies some of our sovereign fund into gold. probably 10-20% of our reserve.

Latest development:

Gold commission is once again called into discussion ... rime-time/

Gold is in the process of being upgrade into first tier asset in the banking system. Currently, only some assets like cash are considered first tier asset with zero risk but it is about to change due to proposal by FDIC.

Once we are moving towards the above targets, gold will undergo revaluation which will mean that initial holding to increase significantly in purchasing power.

I have nothing to ask for. If GIC makes a fortune in this investment, keep most of it for further growth and share part of the gains with the citizens especially the needy one.

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