"PSLE Guide for parents Vol. 1, 2010" published by

Unlike entry to Primary Schools, admission into Secondary Schools is based on meritocracy. PSLE results are used as key admission criteria. Discuss everything related to PSLE and selection of Secondary Schools here.

"PSLE Guide for parents Vol. 1, 2010" published by

Postby James Ang » Mon Jul 19, 2010 11:49 pm

Get the "PSLE Guide for parents Vol. 1, 2010 (170pages), $12" published by Eduguide from Popular Bookshop. I bought 4 copies for circulation among the P6 students' parents for reading and knowledge.

Excellent PSLE topics such as;

1) Ultimate PSLE Preparation Plan
2) 5 reasons why the new Science syllabus is brilliant
3) Top Scorers - how do they do it
4) Oral Exam tips and tricks
5) Direct School Admission - Know it all
6) Spotlight on Gifted Education Program
7) How important is PSLE - The most important exam? (interview with James Ang)

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