DHS vs NYGS (IP schools)

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DHS vs NYGS (IP schools)

Postby keth » Tue Nov 30, 2010 3:49 pm

Can someone pl help.....I'm very confused and hope to get some advice from the experience parents. I'm not sure whether to appeal for NYGH or stay put in DHS. My DD has got a place in DHS via DSA and she scores 267 (+3 points for Higher CL) in her PSLE.

However, I just come to realize that DHS is very much gear towards Chinese/China. My worry is "DHS is not so good in other curriculums" and how different is DHS compared to NYGH. Pls help to give a comparison between the 2 schools by adding to the list below...

- 6yr in DHS
- no accounting stream for A level
- only few years JC experience compares to HCJC

- 4yrs in NYGS, 2yrs in HCJC

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Postby micko07 » Thu Dec 02, 2010 9:07 am

IMO, both schools are very good. So I would put it down to personal choice and distance really.

I'm not sure whether it is accurate to generalize that DHS prepares its students for further studies in China. I know people who certainly won't be applying there! The President Scholar from DHS was offered a place in UPenn IIRC. In that regard, HwaCh has a strong record of sending its students to overseas universities, as well as in terms of scholarships.

I DSAed into NYGH after 6 years of hoping to go to RGS. I had a great time; so much so that I've applied to go back and teach as an alumnus before I go to University.

I don't know much about DHS and am in no position to comment on it. What I can say about NYGH is that it has a fantastic school culture and instills proper values. I liked the nurturing atmosphere of the school, it's academically demanding, but friendly and laidback at the same time. I'm very lucky to have gotten the opportunities I've had! HCI is also very similar in terms of atmosphere and school culture - driven but mutually supportive.

If you can, have your daughter go down to both schools to get a feel
of it. I don't think you'll be shortchanged in picking DHS over NYGH, or vice versa. Just pick which ever school suits her best!

If you have specific queries on HCI (JC) or NYGH, feel free to PM me :D

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