Encouragement and Queenstown Secondary School Open House

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Encouragement and Queenstown Secondary School Open House

Postby mahes_gopal » Thu Nov 24, 2011 12:46 am

Hi to all parents and students are eagerly awaiting the PSLE results tomorrow. It was just last year that I was going through the same thing. I would just like to share my story with you. My son had always been an above average student. He did very well from P1 to P4 But from P5 he became very anxious due to the stress from school and managed to just scrape through the exams. That also when we got him diagnosed for a learning disability. He was excempted from MT. With only three subjects he sat for his PSLE. I was expecting atleast 220 from him. But he only got 195. He was given an opportunity to chose NA or express.

Seeing him really suffer during the psle I advised him to take it slow and we decided to opt for NA. Meanwhile we also went around looking for a school with good support for children with learning difficulties. After seeing a few schools we decided Queenstown Secondary School would be the best for him as the SNO there was very supportive.

My son started Sec 1 in Queenstown Secondary School. He was supported very well by all the teachers and the SNO. For once I saw a confident and happy boy who enjoyed going to school. He even told me that lessons make more sense now as he throughly understands the lessons because he is taught slower and teachers repeat info that he needs clarification in. He has no tuition. Compared to primary school where teachers just rush to finish the syllabus.

I have seen him bloom to become a confident boy. He has been given many leadership posts in school. CCE leader, prefect Drama club stage manager. Best of all he topped his level for the NA stream scoring all A1s. He was interviewed by the principal and asked to go to express. But his reply was that he was comfortable at the NA pace and was enjoying learning for knowledge rather than rush through the syllabus for the sake of the exams. He said thta the extra year will give him a firm foundation to do well in future exams.
The principal told me later that I must be proud of him as he knows what he wants.
I am very proud of my son, so parents if your child does not do as expected do not fret support them and let them try in a slower pace they may rebound back.

BTW, Queenstown Secondary is having an open house on 24 and 25 of NOV. If any parenst is interested pls visit them. If any parents are looking for a school with good special needs support I would definately recommend Queeenstown Secondary as their support is extraordinary and all teachers are informed and make ajustments. The SNO Ms Png is great. From my own experience.

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Re: Encouragement and Queenstown Secondary School Open House

Postby Bbee » Thu Nov 24, 2011 1:09 am

Hi, your son has really bloomed beautifully with the school as well as your support. Congratulations!
Thank you for sharing your experience and providing a different perspective. While everyone is so caught up with scoring good grades, sometimes, we really need to sit back and think, what is really good for us.
Results is not everything. Most importantly, the child needs to have the confidence to face whatever challenges that came along the way.
To your son, keep up the good work!

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