Which sec school to choose in Tampines?

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Which sec school to choose in Tampines?

Postby tampines » Tue Nov 29, 2011 9:37 am

My DD got 241+3 for her PSLE and we are in Tampines Central and CCA choice is Art&crafts.

We are looking at the following schools and the more we ask/probe, more questions pops up....anyone can advice on which school should I send her to?

This is what I have heard..
Ngee Ann Sec- Maths is strong/apparently students discipline is so-so/a lot of GBR (girl/boy relationship)
DunMan Sec - English is good/ but with new principal, focus has changed?/student discipline better
Anglican High - reputation is good/religions concern/principal is not a listener/students behavior outside of school is arrogant and a lot of GBR
ChungCheng High (Main) - chinese centric/good reputation but a bit far..

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Re: Which sec school to choose in Tampines?

Postby Saza » Thu Jan 12, 2012 10:53 pm

I know the PSLE posting results are over. But I'd just like to share for the benefit of students or parents of students taking PSLE this year.

Im from Ngee Ann Sec, and they FROWN upon BGR to a HUGE extent to the point of calling the police. This has the adverse effect of forcing the BGR to be 'underground'. SO, actually there is lesser BGR and MORE annoyed students.

But the school is good in the sense that it has a very strong financial backing in the form of Ngee Ann Kongsi organisation so it can offer better quality and a wider variety of pragrammes for its students. Also, the facilities of the school are quite remarkable as it was newly upgraded 2 years ago.

The culture is also quite apparent, where you will see students studying at any given time. But its far from a mugger school. It has been trying to establish a more artistic culture by providing students an outlet to showcase their talents. But this venture went on for awhile and was not revived again.

On the whole, NAS is a good school, but it comes down very hard on BGR and 'naughty' students

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