PSLE English Oral Conversation

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PSLE English Oral Conversation

Postby kieron716 » Wed Aug 15, 2012 4:29 pm

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Re: PSLE English Oral Conversation

Postby kelp777 » Wed Aug 15, 2012 4:46 pm

Here I have a list of conversation topics from child's EL teacher

Possible Conversation Topics

1. Places of Interest – in Singapore
2. Leisure activities/hobbies
3. School Events such as Sports Day, Interclass Competitions
• Spectator/Competitor
• Cheering, team spirit, camaraderie
• CCA – experiences, activities, values
• What have you learnt? Skills
4. Hospital/Clinic – facilities/experiences
5. Community Club
• Facilities
• Activities
• Promote inter-racial activities, racial harmony, residents get to know each other
6. Keeping Healthy/Fit – physical/mental/emotional
7. On the road/Public Transport
• Facilities
• Services
• Helping Others
8. Park/Playground
• Facilities
• Activities
9. In School
• Celebrations
• Recess
• Outings/excursions/field trips
10. Being environmentally conscious
• Reducing Waste
• Reducing Activities
• Promoting awareness
• Saving energy/resources
11. Helping at home
• Showing care and concern
• Types of household chores that can be done
• Looking after siblings
12. Values
• Importance of values in our lives
• Inculcating good values

Note that The numbers and bullet point can both be questions.
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