Maris Stella High vs Zhong Hua Secondary School

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Maris Stella High vs Zhong Hua Secondary School

Postby bookworm mummy » Tue Nov 27, 2012 12:40 am

Hi Parents !

I need to submit the choices of schools on Wednesday 28/11/12
Can anyone please advise me with regards to these two schools.
I m thinking of either choosing Maris Stella or Zhong Hua.

I like to know more about these 2 schools regarding the teachers' dedication and their approach to teaching. Heard a couple of comments on Maris Stella.
My main considerations are :
1. Teachers
2. The learning environment
3. The general students' learning attitudes

Does it matter if it is a all- Express stream school vs a mixed streamed schools?
Is it better to put my son in all-boys school - less distraction from girls ?

Thanks a million !
Would really love to hear your views !

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