Victoria vs SJI for Secondary

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Re: Victoria vs SJI for Secondary

Postby ManU123 » Tue Jan 10, 2012 9:01 am

VS will be more similar to RI. Most students came from humble backgrounds.

VS leave no one behind.

Some special performers have overcome physical disabilities and other challenges to get good grades.

One of them is Shalom Lim of Victoria School.

He suffers from muscular dystrophy and has very limited upper body movement.

But that did not stop him from scoring two A1s and three A2s.

He said he could not have done it without support from the school, as well as the Presiding Examiner.

"He was there all the time, and he helped me a lot by placing my hand on the table. Because of my weakness, I was unable to do it myself, but he was always there to help me, make sure I was comfortable before I started the paper. I am very thankful for that," said Shalom.

Victoria School's top student, Jervis Ong, scored 10 A1s despite the demise of his father and grandfather in 2010.

An ASEAN Scholar from Malaysia, he had to go home for a few months in 2010.

Jervis said: "After I came back, I missed out a lot of lessons and I actually thank many teachers who stayed after their work time to help me in subjects I was weaker in. So, thank you Victoria School."

- CNA/cc/ck/ms ... 21/1/.html

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Re: Victoria vs SJI for Secondary

Postby ManU123 » Tue Jan 10, 2012 11:26 am

Almost 1/3 of the cohort scored 5 A1s or more.

9 January 2012

Another Outstanding Performance from Victorians

Outstanding Achievements for Class of 2011
An overview
A total of 363 students at Victoria School (VS) sat for the 2011 GCE 'O' Level Examinations. The Class of 2011 posted another outstanding performance in the GCE 'O' Level Examinations, with 362 (99%) students with 5 'O' Level passes or more and 351 (97%) students qualified for Junior College/Centralised Institute, compared with 99% and 96% respectively in 2010.

101(28%) students obtained 5 A1s or more. The following is the breakdown of the number of students who achieved 5 or more A1s:
• 10 A1s or more : 1 students
• 9 A1s or more : 8 students
• 8 A1s or more : 17 students
• 7 A1s or more : 41 students
• 6 A1s or more : 74 students
• 5 A1s or more : 101 students

The class of 2011 also delivered exceptional performances across the various subjects. The subjects with 100% passes include Chinese, Combined Humanities, Design & Technology, Geography, Higher Art, Literature in Chinese, Physical Education, Tamil, Higher Tamil, Literature in English, Malay (Special Programme), Japanese, German, French, Arabic, Gujerati, Bengali and Hindi. The subjects with 70% distinctions include Additional Mathematics, Chemistry, Design & Technology, Geography, Literature in Chinese, Mathematics, Physical Education, Physics, Japanese, German, French and Arabic.

Our top students
The school’s top students are: 1

Jervis Ong Zhe Ao
(10 A1s)
Jervis achieved top positions in his Upper Secondary years, despite the passing of his grandfather and father in 2010, when he was deeply affected. Fuelled by a strong motivation to succeed and support from his teachers and classmates, he managed to stay his course and excelled in his studies. Jervis is an all-rounder in his roles as a Prefectorial Board EXCO member, Badminton school team player and an active member of the Malay Cultural Society, where he attained the Overall best Speaker award for 3 consecutive rounds in the National Malay Debate Competition. Jervis offered Higher Malay Language at the O Levels

G. Kiran
A highly motivated student, Kiran excels in his academic studies and has always been the top 5% of the cohort for four years. He was awarded the A* Star Science Award in 2010 was part of the team that emerged as first runner-up in the 2010 Victoria Junior College Forensic Science Quiz. An all-rounder, Kiran was a natural leader and garnered support from his peers as the Captain of the Tennis team and Vice-Chairman of the Monitor Council Executive Committee. Having a heart for the community, Kiran helped to coordinate weekly community service visits to Zion Home for the Aged in 2010, and planned and implemented a day camp for the autistic children of Spastic Children Association of Singapore in 2011. Kiran is also the a Top Secondary 4 Indian student for the national cohort.

Other Noteworthy Achievements
In addition to our stellar GCE O Level Examination results, Victorians also excelled in other domains.
2011 Singapore Science and Mathematics Olympiads
Victorians achieved amazing results at the Singapore Science and Mathematics Olympiads held in 2011 as shown below:
• Biology
2 Silvers and 2 Bronzes.
• Chemistry
3 Golds, 6 Silvers and 6 Bronzes.
• Physics
1 Gold, 4 Silvers and 3 Bronzes.
• Mathematics
3 Golds, 3 Silvers and 22 Bronzes.

Sports and uniformed groups
The school also achieved impressive results in the sporting arena. Our school teams continued to excel in our niche sports of soccer, hockey, cross country and track and 2
field. At the 2011 National Schools Sports and Games Competitions, we achieved 14 national titles and 6 zonal titles in the 'B' and ‘C’ Divisions. Our key sporting achievements include:
B Div, National Champions
C Div, National 3rd
B Div National 2nd
C Div National Champions
B Div National Champions
B Div National 3rd
C Div National 2nd
C Div National 2nd
C Div National 2nd
B Div National 2nd
B Div National 3rd
C Div National 4th
Track & Field
B Div National 4th
C Div National 4th

Our top student athlete who achieved excellent results is Yong Ren Wei Bryan (4J). Bryan was an active member of the Cross Country Track & Field team, History Society and a Senior Leader. He achieved an L1R5 of 7, with 5A1s and 2A2s.

Uniformed Groups and Student Leadership
Our Uniformed Groups also continued to excel, with the following groups achieving the gold standard consistently: Boys’ Brigade B (13th Gold); NPCC (11th Gold); NCC Land (8th Gold); Scouts (7th Gold) and Red Cross (4th Gold).

Our student leaders who did well in the GCE O Level Examinations include:
• Jervis Ong Zhe Ao, L1R5=6 (10A1s, 1A2), EXCO/Prefectorial Board;
• G. Kiran, L1R5=6 (9A1s), Vice-Chairman/Monitors’ Council;
• Sun Zeren, L1R5=6 (9A1s, 1A2), EXCO/Prefectorial Board; and
• David Lee Wai Chin, L1R5=6 (7A1s), Chairman/Peer Support Board and Senior Leader.

Performing arts
Our performing arts groups also achieved accolades at the 2011 Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging Competitions:
• Gold with Honours : Choir
• Gold : Chinese Orchestra, Indian Dance
• Silver : Concert Band, Chinese Drama, English Drama

Our aesthetics talents who achieved good results in the 2011 GCE O Level Examinations include:
• Yang Shuang, L1R5=6 (9A1s, 1A2), Chairman/Chinese Language Drama & Debate Society;
• Russell Tan Pinxue, L1R5=6 (7A1s), Vice-Chairman/Chinese Orchestra;
• Shi Hao Douglas, L1R5=7 (7A1s, 1A2), Section Leader/Choir; and
• Chong Ming En, L1R5=7 (5A1s, 2A2s), Band Major/Concert Band.

Successful implementation of the Victoria-Cedar Alliance Integrated Programme (VCA IP)
The implementation of the VCA IP, offered in partnership with Cedar Girls’ Secondary School and Victoria Junior College, is on track. Victoria School successfully admitted its first intake of Secondary 1 VCA IP students in January 2012. With the first intake of IP students, VS will offer both O-Level and IP tracks to our high-ability learners. The dual-track education structure allows for more porosity to cater to students with different abilities. Good students who are eligible for the IP or those who find themselves better suited for the O-Level track can make lateral transfers, thereby allowing our talented students to be nurtured via more customized learning.

VS remains committed to providing an excellent and holistic education in both O-Level and IP tracks to cater to students with different abilities and interests, thereby nurturing our Victorians to be Gentlemen, Professionals and Sportsmen who make tangible contributions to their family, work, community and nation. The students in VS will continue to experience the ethos and privilege of an all-boys education, and enjoy the full range of co-curricular activities such as sports, performing arts, uniformed groups, and Character & Leadership Education. All students will also have access to the different school programmes and facilities offered by the three VCA schools.
Class of 2011: All the Best!

We are extremely proud of the outstanding achievements attained by the Class of 2011. The students have successfully built upon the illustrious Victorian tradition for all-round excellence in education. The outstanding performances at the O level Examinations, the National Schools’ Sports and Games Competitions as well as the Singapore Youth Festival bear testimony to the students’ quest for performance excellence, the commitment of our staff, and the strength of the school in nurturing our top talents in the five developmental domains of moral, cognitive, physical, social and aesthetic. We wish the Class of 2011 the very best in their future endeavours!

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Re: Victoria vs SJI for Secondary

Postby ManU123 » Tue Jan 10, 2012 11:14 pm

CentralControl wrote:most RI students don't come from humble backgrounds.

SJI and RI have much more in common. One good example is the ability to churn out ministers as well as playing the exclusively SJI against RI soccer match called the Ortega cup.

Each schools also consider eachother a rival in many areas, one example is rugby.

Furthermore, each also have a very westernised and "english" culture. Though this is more prevalent in SJI, where many students would do relatively badly in their mothertongue.

take the recent presidential was from sji (rich family), the other three were from ri (poor families)..
ri does not consider sji a rival in rugby, only acsi and st andrew's..
sji may have a few ministers during a period but last few elections did not seem to churn out any more

ri and vs take in pupils from primary schools all over s'pore, via merit, with no affiliated primary schools

sorry if i sound like having an argument with you, but just want to state some points

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Re: Victoria vs SJI for Secondary

Postby ManU123 » Wed Jan 11, 2012 7:20 am

CentralControl wrote:No need for sorry, its just a healthy debacle!

RI does consider SJI a rival in Rugby, in B divs, the 3rd and 4th spots are always belonging to RI and SJI, ACS(i) and SASS always get the top 2. However, the 3rd and 4th spots are still up for grabs and in recent memory, it was always either RI or SJI.

Both RI and SJI are also independent which means that it would be difficult for poorer families in the lower range of PSLE intakes in these schools (Scholarships and all that).

Citing the recent presidential elections is not much of a strong point, as you can also clearly see just by simply standing outside RI that many of it's sudents are from well-to-do families.

i don't think it stop people from lower and lower-middle income families from sending their children to ri...which i think there are still many...

as for rugby, it is a school sport that is won by only a few schools in the past 40 years or so...the other schools seem just to make up the number for the competition...
perhaps it is good that sji can revive football as a cca (if it has not done so) to revive its football glory days..
i have heard that sji has dropped some ccas to focus on academic results, to prove to MOE that it is good enough for IP (it was band 2 last year)..
and a couple of years back (not sure if it is still happening), some academically-weak students were asked to leave the school so that the GCE O level results are not brought down..

no offence..

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Re: Victoria vs SJI for Secondary

Postby ManU123 » Thu Jan 12, 2012 4:43 am

CentralControl wrote:For the case of dropping cca's if you compare from a few years back, the cca's are all still the same, and new ones are even sprouting up (like football this year)

Furthermore, the case of students being asked to leave the school was heresay at best. I have also heard about this and asked many of my colleagues and even some school teachers, and they said to their memory, this has never happened.

Sji is very protective of its students, they wouldn't let anyone go like that.

Also, though in RI there are those from humble backgrounds, the majority is not. Majority of the students come from alumni families with well-to-do parents.

a person i know was asked to leave...just before the new principal took over some years back....but we will leave it as that here..
having said that, i believe this happened in other top schools too..
agree that sji is a top school with many merits..

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Re: Victoria vs SJI for Secondary

Postby ManU123 » Wed May 30, 2012 2:19 am

its888me wrote:Is the principal from Victoria good? Is he able to motivate the students and teachers? Attended the open house last Sat. His speech did not seem to leave a deep impression for the audience, compared to other open house that we attended.

The former principal impressed many at previous open houses.
The new principal just took over in January this year. He was a former vice-principal of RI.

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