All About Full-Time Maids

With most families being dual-income-with-kids, outsourcing home cleaning and home economics to domestic helpers is almost a way of life for Singaporeans. Come in and discuss issues pertaining to maids and home management.
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What do you think of MOM's policies for Full-Time Domestic Workers (ie. maids)?

The policies are pro-employer
The policies are well balanced and fair to both employers and maids
The policies are pro-employee (ie. pro-maid)
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Re: All About Full-Time Maids

Post by xorion » Sat May 25, 2019 1:33 pm

Need some advice. My Indo helper (25 yo) who has been working for us for 7 months under a two year contract, has suddenly requested to go back to take care of her daughter as her parents can't take care for her anymore. The warranty period w agency is 3 months only.

She's a good helper and we would like to keep her as much as possible. Anyone experience the same?

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Re: All About Full-Time Maids

Post by Estéema » Sat May 25, 2019 2:48 pm

I will persuade her to complete her contract & u might wanna think abt setting aside a small bonus (don’t tell her amt) so that she can do sth productive with it & still care for her children.

My 1st helper was Indo & a very good helper lasted 6 years, when I see her worry abt her kids, I advised her to save part of money & send home only enuf so that she has sth to last when she finally goes back for good coz I hear her sisters kept asking her for money to build their houses. The 2nd year when she was with us, her husband strayed & she was heartbrokened asking me for advise. I told her to be firm with her husband & if she loves him & vis-versa, she shld tell him so & why she shld not agree letting him take a 2nd and that even if he’s still going, the world will not collapse just be strong & brave.

I’ve taught her pancakes, pizza dough fr scratch, sphagetti, and all the recipes in cooking & baking. By the 5th year, DH was thinking best she be with her kids esp hearing her parents having hard time disciplining her naughty youngest son. We bought her a small oven, gave her 2K (you don’t hv to do what we did coz for us she had helped with my family & 6 years of her 青春 is not short time) and advised her to start a store selling food & she can supervise her kids. We’re thankful this helper stayed on to complete her contract & stayed even longer.

I certainly hope something works out for you coz it’s not easy to find good helpers. Treat her like yr family or sister but u’re still Boss - leave that eyer dignity intact.

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Re: All About Full-Time Maids

Post by Jomeow » Mon May 27, 2019 6:45 pm

Hi! I am looking to employ a FDW for my small family of 3 (me, my husband and 1.5yo son) at my flat in Eunos. I only have a few criteria:

1. Can cook Chinese food well, not too much fried food.
2. Patient with toddlers.
3. Proficient in English or Mandarin.
4. (Most important) EX-SIN with at least one 2year contract fulfilled, preferable with one contract term more than 3 years (with Mom records available )

The salary will be proportional to the years of experience in SG. At least 550sgd for 4 off days, final salary depending on nationality as well. Negotiable based on current market rate. I will also reimburse for off days not taken.

The helper may be on transfer (the current employer must be comfortable letting the helper go), or back in home country wanting to find new employer. So current helpers can recommend their friends in their hometown.

No agent fee involved.

Fyi: I have a current helper with me for about 1.5 years, and she is looking to retire at the end of contract. Previously between 2013 and 2015, I also had another helper for 1.5 years and she left because of her family issues.

My mobile is 97226021. Thanks! :)

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Re: All About Full-Time Maids

Post by Ella455 » Thu May 30, 2019 10:31 am

The very reason why I don't like full time maids is because I have trust issues. I want to avoid cases like this as much as possible. Getting some stranger to live with you is just the hardest for me.

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Re: All About Full-Time Maids

Post by penmighty » Sat Jun 01, 2019 2:49 pm

sometimes pure strangers be better than some family member helping out. friction will happen and at least there's a fixed hierarchy with the maid

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Re: All About Full-Time Maids

Post by RinChan » Thu Jun 13, 2019 11:31 am

Hi All,

I'm very new here.. If anyone can share with me what is the differences between part-time maid and full-time maid? :)

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Re: All About Full-Time Maids

Post by karenysl » Tue Jun 18, 2019 4:43 pm

Hi everyone, i just want to share my personal experience engaging helper at agency. I have hired my helper through CONNEXUS EMPLOYMENT HUB , located at Katong shopping centre.
At first , im afraid hire filipino coz a lot of bad feedback from my colleague , like difficult control, demanding, HP problem....etc. I seek for my maid agency for help to look for helper, my agent has explain to me the 3 different nationality helper ( indonesian , filipino and myanmar).
After speak with my agent, im still prefer to hire filipino to work for my family. My current filipino helper work for me almost 6 months. My Filipino helper is very good, helpful and polite. Is true, we have to select right agent and suitable helper, My Agent Mr Dennis from CONNEXUS EMPLOYMENT HUB is very experience agent. He will match and filter the suitable helper for us. If your interested, you can call my agent at 69048533 for enquirer about domestic helper.

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