Any Recommendation of a Good Maid Agency

With most families being dual-income-with-kids, outsourcing home cleaning and home economics to domestic helpers is almost a way of life for Singaporeans. Come in and discuss issues pertaining to maids and home management.
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Re: Any Recommendation of a Good Maid Agency

Post by birdtan » Tue Oct 24, 2017 1:27 pm

JanetteTong wrote:
MayTan1188 wrote:
JanetteTong wrote:I was here few days back searching for good recommendation of maid agency, came across feedback of ISLAND MAIDS, so went down to their branch and confirmed a Myanmar helper from them after interviewing a fews. Indeed zhi yong service is really good, he is a funny and friendly chap. My mother in law was so entertained by the way he speak and can't stop chatting with him haha. He explain to us pros n cons of burmese maid, which make us feel so comfortable and well convinced to engage his service.

Good job Zhiyong! Keep it up!

Janette ~
Hi Janette, Im happy that you had a good maId. But my sister is not as lucky as you. Her encounter with this maid agent you mentioned is very bad. This person Zhi Yomg is so rude to her. As he keep pushing maid to my sister and insist she should employ her even thought she have told him she want to look at more. He keep asking her to reserve with deposit. And when my sis do not want to pay deposit, she heard him talking bad behind her when she is walking out the door. My sister saw this post of yours and asked me to join in to share her thought. This CHAP you mentioned, might not be as good as you think. But I am glad he gave good service to you
Received an email about your reply to my feedback here. Perhaps your experiences is bad for ZhiYong but I dont think he is this kind of person which u mentioned "talking back behind my sister". which line doesn't hard sales on their best products? I'm working on retail industry I'm also hard sales my shirts and pants to my customer everyday. Maybe your sister find the agency price not suitable and leave, but there's no point flaming Zhi yong over here, it makes you & your sister look kind of petty and childish don't you think so?
I highly suspected you- Janetteyong is just someone from maid agency who joined this forum to advertise his business.
Logically, how could a person newly joined the forum just to share the positive experience of a maid agency, and quickly blame someone to share about personal experience as petty and childish? All together just 2 posts in this forum??

Be careful of the maid agency who created fake identifies in forum - such pattern (self praising abt the good services) is pretty common in forum, not just kiasuparents forum but I have seen similar adv in other forum too!

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Aviod Island Mail Agency!

Post by beautifulson15 » Thu Jan 04, 2018 11:48 pm

I disagree with the post recommending Island Maids to be a good agency. They are a scam. When I first applied for a Indo maid with them, I paid $700+ as a first deposit. After waiting for a period of time, I receive an SMS from the guy servicing me (can't remember the name now but works in the Ang Mo Kio central branch) informing me that The Maid will be arriving next week and to be prepared to go to the office to pick the helper up. When the day as stated by the agency came, I didn't hear from them on what time we should go down to the agency. When I called the guy, he started to give excuses that The Maid had not arrived because she didn't get a flight ticket to Singapore! She was supposed to arrived in Singapore on this day and they just knew this? Anyway, since I was not in a real hurry to have the helper, I told them ok I can accept this "mistake" and will wait 2 more weeks. 2 weeks came and went and again no news until I called up. Then a few days later, the SMS came again to inform me the helper will arrive in a few days. One day before the helper were to arrive, my mum went to the agency personally to confirm if it is indeed true that the helper will arrive in Singapore the next day and checked what time she should be at the agency to pick the helper up. They confirmed with my mum the details. The next day, another SMS came saying again the helper couldn't come to Singapore because she was not ready or some stupid excuse! Anyway, by the 2nd time with similar excuses, I asked for a refund, of which they refused. I spoke to the apparent boss who was arrogant and even told me even if I were to go to small claim court, I won't be able to get the refund since the contract covered them for such incidents and we should continue to just wait for the helper. The agency has up to 3 months to get the helper over to us and it hasn't been 3 months!

Anyway, in the end, I didn't get my helper from them and my money went down the drain! They could be making a business out of just cheating people of such money. It's probably more profitable. Island Maid is definitely not a trustworthy maid agency, speaking from first hand experience.

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Re: Any Recommendation of a Good Maid Agency

Post by lucky83 » Wed Feb 14, 2018 9:57 am

bad maid from Island maid agency (yishun). The helper for me is here for holiday only. Told my hubby that her mum and sister are coming to Singapore to holiday. When my hubby told her she cannot go out to meet them, she started to reveal her laziness and unable to cope with the housework. Woke up late leaving my hubby doing coffee and breakfast.
She only worked for me 4 days and on her 3rd day she requested to change employer!
Made me pay the lodging fee due to her princess behaviour.
Cant even get back my agent fee too!
Avoid them at all cost.

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Re: Any Recommendation of a Good Maid Agency

Post by lovelle » Wed Feb 14, 2018 4:56 pm

FarahDee wrote:Hi Awonder

With 2 little ones on tow (they're 3 and 1), I would strongly recommend you get in touch with Rajkumar, the Director of Rooftop Recruiters Pte Ltd (Tel: 63527510). What differentiates Rooftop Recruiters Pte Ltd from the rest of the maid agencies that I've come across is, their "Service from the Heart." They were able to accede to my requests and clear my queries. The transaction and service was fast and hassle-free. With the helper provided, I couldn't hope for a better help. She gives peace of mind to me and things at home are well taken care of which makes it calming especially for working mothers like us.

Tried out this agency but didn't have a good experience with them. fine prints in contract and slow in responding. wouldn't recommend this agency to anyone.

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Re: Any Recommendation of a Good Maid Agency

Post by lee_yl » Mon Mar 12, 2018 10:16 pm

Today a close friend received a call from her maid agency. Her new maid whom she has not even met (in Singapore but still with the agency) suddenly wanted to go back Indonesia and my friend was left in the lurch.

Her current maid would be flying home soon in a few days as her contract was up.

The agent insisted that my friend pay an additional admin fee of $200 (after giving her a 50% discount) to pick a new maid who is already in Singapore waiting to be employed.

Plus my friend would need to pay all the admin fees again ($180 for applying new WP, maid’s training etc).

Because of the maid agency’s problem, my friend now has to cough out a few hundred dollars extra and through no fault of hers.
Is this normal?

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Re: Any Recommendation of a Good Maid Agency

Post by pikachu » Sun Mar 18, 2018 3:03 pm

I am looking for Indonesian transfer maid to do general housekeeping. Any recommendation of agency or helper?

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Post by Reds1980 » Tue May 15, 2018 3:11 pm

LKVM wrote:How to get that stats from MOM site?
You can go to MOM website ( to filter the Agency according to the ratings, retention rate. But maid agencies can be more complicated. Some only specialize in helpers from certain country. So it's always best to pick a few to compare.

Another option is to search the Agency based on their specialty (, then compare their MOM statistics.

Hope that helps!

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Re: Any Recommendation of a Good Maid Agency

Post by lovelle » Mon May 21, 2018 12:25 pm

Avoid Roof Top Recruitment maid agency. After taking advice from this forum, we took a maid from them but it turned out to be another bad agency.

The agency is ran by Raj Perumal.

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Re: Any Recommendation of a Good Maid Agency

Post by eileen1102 » Fri Jun 01, 2018 5:07 pm

Dear Mummies,

Please avoid this FDW EA at all costs, currently they also have 3 demerit points as per the Employment agencies and personnel search (EA Directory) on MOM website. (

Below is based on my bad experience with this EA as they did not refund me the balance amount which I had paid upfront previously, I sent an email to CASE & AEAS today asking how do I report & also claim back the money:

Attention to: Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) / Association of Employment Agencies Singapore (AEAS)

To whom it may concern,

I want to lodge a complaint against this dishonest & unethical FDW employment agency, MPL Employment Agency (Hougang Green Branch) & 2 of its staff personnel, SUDEYANA BINTE LOT (Reg. No. - R1105824) & NG KA MUN (Reg. No. - R1327353).

Attached is both FWDs details & amount breakdown that I had paid to MPL Employment & also the whatsapp messages correspondences screenshots between me & SUDEYANA BINTE LOT since 29 Mar 2018 till to-date whereby she totally ignored my recent messages.

I had also dropped an email to MPL Employment thru their website feedback form on 17 May 2018 but same shit happened, no one from MPL Employment ever bother to respond to my email.

Below is the incident recapped of my utterly bad experience with MPL Employment.

I picked up my 1st transferred Indonesian FDW by the name of Saidah from MPL on 21 Mar 2018 & paid a total of $3822.60.

I picked up my 2nd transferred Burmese FDW on 02 Apr 2018 & was told that a total of $609.60 (EA Fees) + $653.00 (FDW Loan) will be offset thru the balance money that I had paid upfront previously.

This 1st transferred Indonesian FDW, Saidah was returned to MPL Employment on 29 Mar for transfer.

According to info found on MOM WPOL portal, Saidah was transferred out from my name on 15 Apr 2018.

6 full weeks has passed since 16 Apr till to date, no one from MPL Employment Agency had the courtesy to contact me via call nor email regarding the refund of balance amount irregardless of repeated chasing after the EA staff, SUDEYANA BINTE LOT (Reg. No. - R1105824) .

According to the service contract between EA & Employer, balance refund will be made within 4 weeks from the date the FDW is terminated or transferred out of employer's name.

Please advise how do I go about reporting & claiming back my rightful refund of money from this dishonest & unethical FDW employment agency.

Thank you.

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Re: Any Recommendation of a Good Maid Agency

Post by peppercorn88 » Tue Jun 12, 2018 2:48 am

try not to use United Channel, one filipino employee there is very close to the filipino maids. the filipino maid will work for a few weeks, then will ask employer to send them back to UC. the maid will jus say okay to go back since the agency (filipino agent) will jus find her a new employer.

Employer will then have to pay for additional charges to hire a replacement just because the filipino maid doesnt want to work anymore. this seems to be UC's tactics to earn more $$$. UC will pretend to scold the maid infront of the employer but all for show.

BTW, Maid reason why she wants to go back - she has nothing to do in my house.

UC will then offer their "transfer maids". however, if u asked to speak to the previous employer,UC (filipino agent) will jus give b******** stories.

think twice before using UC.

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