New Maids (non Pinoys) English Language ability?

With most families being dual-income-with-kids, outsourcing home cleaning and home economics to domestic helpers is almost a way of life for Singaporeans. Come in and discuss issues pertaining to maids and home management.

Do you require your NEW maids (non pinoys) to be able to communicate in very very simple English?

1. Yes, basic english works for me. I would like to be able to converse simple english from Day 1.
2. No, I don't require them to be able to speak English. I can use a dictionary or google translate in the beginning.
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3. It didn't matter for me as my family can speak Bahasa (for Indo maids)
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New Maids (non Pinoys) English Language ability?

Postby SMH FOREST » Wed Sep 21, 2011 12:00 pm

Just wondering... what's the English requirement for most employers? Simple words / Basic English refers to words like:
- cook
- have, don't have
- must
- Did you do?
- Do you know?
- Cannot
etc etc

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Re: New Maids (non Pinoys) English Language ability?

Postby fatBobo » Wed Mar 14, 2012 5:04 pm

just picked up my new Indon helper yesterday.. she is replacing my existing Indon who is going to leave in 3 weeks' time.

the new girl doesn't even know what is a 'dog'!!

i really need help.... anywhere we can send them for english course?

my kids go to childcare, the helper will basically be alone the whole day with my dog. i will sometimes call home to give certain instructions.. and most importantly, i need her to be able to understand english used around the kids, eg, milk, sterilise, medicine, etc.

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