Help - negotiation techniques on maid renewal

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Help - negotiation techniques on maid renewal

Postby mwchua » Sat Feb 11, 2012 11:55 am


I now face negotiation time with my maid as well....seeking your kind opinion also from the many experienced moms here....My maid's 2nd term with me is up for renewal at end Aug 2012.

Year 2008-2010: $320 for 2 years. After that she said wanted to go HK, so declined my offer of renewal.
Year 2010: I got a new maid, but that maid wanted to go back after 1 month, saying she miss home. I called up my former maid, whom is still waiting to go HK after 3 months at Indo, she desperate that time and wanted to come back again.
Year 2010 - 2012: Former maid continued working for me at $400, with the agreement of a month's bonus at completion of 2-year contract.

Year 2011 I informally asked her come end of this year, will she want to continue with me, considering that she has very light duties at my place (5 members, 1 P3 girl, my mum and my hubby & me). I almost close both eyes for household duties and very light cooking. Weekend most of the time we eat out also. She said "Yes" at that time, with me saying I will consider off days and hp condition. Today she just said she might not want to continue anymore.

I am a person who hates playing mind-games (too much office politics already). Her attitude now gives me the impression of trying to play hard-to-get. What is your advice for my next step? I don't want a last minute surprise. Can I know what is the market rate now for Indo maids (both fresh and ex-sing)? Considering the light work the maid has to do (essentially just 5-room HDB housework and light cooking), I would think a fresh maid can still do the job, just don't give me the excuse of miss home etc...

Thanks :)


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