Propose that govt cancel maid levy

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Propose that govt cancel maid levy

Postby Zhuge » Sun Aug 12, 2012 3:51 pm

I think govt can cancel the maid levy, like what they did for radio/tv licence fees.
The money can even be channel to the maid's salary.
Every one will be happy.

Singaporeans urged to contribute views on what they want for nation
By Hetty Musfirah | Posted: 11 August 2012 2105 hrs

SINGAPORE: Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong has urged Singaporeans to contribute their views on what they want for Singapore as part of a national effort to build consensus on the country's future.

By doing so and having discussions amongst themselves, he said there's a better chance of developing a common understanding of the country's challenges.

Speaking at a National Day Dinner in his Marine Parade constituency on Saturday evening, Mr Goh said he supports the setting up of a group of younger ministers to take a fresh look at current policies.

He said arriving at a consensus on the way forward is important in order to build a good home for Singaporeans.

He stressed this should not be a top-down exercise.

Mr Goh said: "It should be a two-way conversation. It should be a dialogue not a monologue. Singaporeans, whatever their age and views, have a stake in this conversation to forge a national consensus on our collective future."

Mr Goh also said over the next few months, he'll get his residents to take part in this national conversation.

"You can contribute in many ways, by participating in dialogue sessions with Ministers and MPs, or writing to them. I urge those of you who feel passionately about where Singapore should be heading to research the issues, find out the facts, and then invite your MPs and the Ministers to exchange views in a frank and constructive dialogue."

Mr Goh elaborated on the challenges in both his Mandarin and English speeches. They include a widening income gap, staying competitive despite an ageing workforce, and tackling low births rates.

He also highlighted a growing trend of putting individual interests before those of nation and society."

Mr Goh said that no matter how good the government, it cannot solve the challenges and realise the aspirations of Singaporeans on its own.

And that the government needs to work with them to come up with better policies.

- CNA/fa ... 43/1/.html

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