Wanted: Indonesian Maid for Transfer (Thread Closed)

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Wanted: Indonesian Maid for Transfer (Thread Closed)

Postby honeygem » Wed Sep 05, 2012 10:53 pm

Thank you for reading.


I’m looking for a Muslim Indonesian maid at or below the age of 35 who is up for transfer. My current maid is going home upon finishing her contract this month so I’m looking for another.

Maid’s main daily duties are to:
Cook (I can teach but the maid must have the interest)
Care for a child before an after school

She should be reliable, have a good attitude and cheerful disposition
No preference on English language ability as I can communicate in Indonesian

My family consists of my daughter, husband and me. Home is a 3-bedroom apartment. No pork/lard in household. Maid will have her own room.

Depending on the maid’s experience, I will provide expected salary and I'm okay with responsible use of handphone.

Preferably without loan, but willing to take over outstanding loan if reasonable and maid is suitable given employer’s honest feedback.

Will do the arrangements for transfer

Please PM me if you think your maid will suit.

Many thanks

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