Will MOM realise they represent Spore?

With most families being dual-income-with-kids, outsourcing home cleaning and home economics to domestic helpers is almost a way of life for Singaporeans. Come in and discuss issues pertaining to maids and home management.

Will MOM realise they represent Spore?

Postby sad citizen » Thu Nov 08, 2012 8:43 pm

Malaysia 'disqualified' by PHL to hire filipinos.
PHL :siao: should turn the coin and learn that no other country so easy to dig money.... no experience still can bargain for high pay and weekly off days, only Spore can meet their never ending demands (big appetite).

MOM don't care, govt not interested to help us, employers defenceless when HOME, embassies and/or agencies anyhow throw a bomb out. Whoever throws us a bomb, some employers sure get hit. The only people safe and sound are those with strong backings, expatriates or rich employers!! Working women are often the ones suffering :sad:

Tell PHL keep their own people, stop sending anybody over since they thought so highly about themselves. Pay their own people live in costs and salary amounting to S$1600/month... free accomodation in PHL, 3 meals, insurance, medical, Leave, etc. Some people got to learn the hard way and know we, employers really paid a lot for inexperienced and irresponsible/errant FDWs!!

When can we get new source countries such as Cambodia??
When will I see a day I'm happy working and a protected citizen but not a FDW-employer??

The Star/Asia News Network
Wednesday, Nov 07, 2012
KUALA LUMPUR - The Philippines embassy here has stopped giving accreditation to new maid agencies to bring in domestic workers from that country.

The move is in line with the Philippines Government's plan to phase out the sending of citizens abroad to work as maids over the next five years.

The embassy had earlier tightened requirements for agencies seeking accreditation to bring in maids but decided to completely stop accrediting new agencies in September.

"We are no longer providing accreditation to new maid agencies. However, the existing ones will not be affected," said the embassy's labour attache Dr Alicia Santos.

She said the embassy was being very strict in the implementation of the pay structure and maid protection mechanism and would act against any agency found to be flouting the regulations.

An industry source said embassy officials had started interviewing Filipina maids when they arrived at the airports to ensure they had not made any "side deals" agreeing to receive lower salaries.

The minimum wage of US$400 (S$490) per month for Filipina maids is enforced strictly with no negotiations allowed.

If found to have made such deals, the girls would be taken in by the embassy and the agency would be investigated.

"They have started this (interviewing maids) about three weeks ago," said an industry insider.

But Dr Alicia denied this, saying no instruction had been given for the officials to do so.

"We are conducting an assessment on all the agencies," she said, adding that those failing to abide by regulations would be given warnings and have sanctions imposed on them.

"We have no tolerance for agencies or agents who flout the regulations."

However, she added, none of the local agencies had been stripped of their accreditation so far.

The number of Filipina domestic workers in the country reportedly rose from 4,000 in 2009 to about 10,000 now.

Nearly a year after Indonesia lifted the ban on sending maids to Malaysia in December, only a small number had trickled into the country, far from meeting the huge demand.

National Association of Employment Agencies president Datuk Raja Zulkepley Dahalan said the moratorium on agencies was "unfortunate", although not many could afford the high cost of hiring Filipina maids.

As for Indonesian maids, he said it was the "unrealistic" fee structure capped at RM4,511 (S$1800) in the MoU which was causing the slow uptake.

The Cambodian Government imposed a ban on sending its maids here last October and is seen as unlikely to lift it anytime soon.

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