Indonesia maid wants to get married in Singapore

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Indonesia maid wants to get married in Singapore

Postby bb gal » Mon Nov 26, 2012 6:31 am

Dear all,

Need your opinion.
My Indonesia maid has been working with me fr 1 year 3 months.
Out of a sudden, she told me she has a Bangladesh boyfriend and want to get married next month in Singapore. She asked me if she can do that. The man has spoken to her parents and the man will call me too.
I told her I did mentioned before I hired you, I don't want a maid who is in relationship with any boyfriend in Singapore and asked him to call the agent not me.
Then I called the agent, she said they can not do that.
Now, the agent told me I have to take a new package, which means I have to pay the full agency fees which is ridiculous high now I found out.
I am just wondering if I could avoid this fee.
My previous maid, also had the similar problem. Worked for 1 year 2 months, got into relationship with Bangladesh, went out without permission in the middle of the nights. First time we catch her, we forgiven her. Then she repeated the second time, we sent her off immediately.
That time, we were told to take a new package also, because the guarantee period (1 year can change 3 maids) is over. She had worked for more than 1 year with us.
This time, the maid has worked with us for 1 year 3 months, again we have to pay the agency fee. Is that correct?
I never requested for any maid transfer/change during these 2 contracts.
Is that fair every time we have to pay the agency fee?
In the was it was only a few hundreds dollar, but now it has increased so much.
I was puzzled if it would be the 'arrangement' between the agent and maid??
Why every time once it passed 1 year, something similar case happens???
Any opinions are welcome,
Thanks a lot!

bb gal
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Re: Indonesia maid wants to get married in Singapore

Postby Layla » Mon Nov 26, 2012 9:34 pm

Domestic workers cannot get married in Singapore for sure!

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