How long can employer have 2 maid during transfer?

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How long can employer have 2 maid during transfer?

Postby sistasi » Wed Jan 09, 2013 5:20 pm

Would like an advice on my case:
My current maid work permit expiry date is 27 Jan 2013.
My new maid is here already since 4 Jan 2013.
According to the maid agency, I can have 2 maids for duration of 3 weeks, so that means I will only need to apply the new maid's work permit after 3 weeks of her arrival date (which is ard 24 Jan 2013), also same day my old maid work permit will be revoked.
The thing that i'm not too sure is is it really 3 weeks upon arrival or 2 weeks? I saw from the IPA within 2 weeks of new maid's arrival, will need to apply work permit. However my agent said there will be buffer of 7 days after the 2 weeks arrival, is this true?
Does anyone know?
Thanks in advance.

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