Time frame to apply wp for transfer maid

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Time frame to apply wp for transfer maid

Postby godiva » Fri May 31, 2013 3:38 pm

I have found a indo fdw and the existing employer is agreeable to transfer the maid over to me.

After checking with a couple of maid agents who quoted $150 to $250 fee to do the paperwork, (but not the legwork), I thought I will try to do the paperwork myself.

Can anyone give me some advice.

The procedure seems clear, from MOM website. However, I was advised by the MOM enquiry officer that the time frames are rather inelastic.

I thought of getting the online in principle approval first, then take a couple of weeks to arrange the insurance before getting the wp issued. This is because I need some time to arrange to send my existing filo maid home and I want to make sure the new maid's application is ok and wp issued before I release the existing maid.

However, MOM said the inprinciple approval is only valid for 14 days - so I have to arrange insurance and submit the application within the 14 days.

Thus he suggested:

10 June - Submit online application.
11 June - In principle approval.
11 June - Arrange insurance.
14 June - MOM will issue wp
15 June - Cancel existing maid wp
20 June - Repatriate existing maid (must be done within 7 days of cancellation of wp? I thought it is 14 days).

so it appears, if I wish to repatraite existing maid on 20 June, I can only submit online application earliest on 10 June, otherwise, I may breach the MOM rules??!!

Doe anyone have any experience?

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