Please avoid SLF Green Maid Agency

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Please avoid SLF Green Maid Agency

Postby balloons » Fri Jun 28, 2013 4:10 pm

The staffs are full of lies. DO NOT trust their maid biodata. We hired a new filipino maid after interviewing her via webcam. We completely trusted the biodata given stating that she is a catholic and is able to handle and eat pork. To our horror, on the first day she came, we realised she could not handle nor eat pork. It would be troublesome for us, Chinese, to have a maid who cant eat pork to live and work for us. Utensils and food have to be cooked separately as well. We were damn furious with this agency for lying to us. We were being cheated to sign the contract. We called them up the next day to confront them. However, they claimed that they just keyed in the biodata based on what is written by the maid. They pushed the responsibility to the maid but the maid said that she did mentioned that she could not handle or eat pork.

SLF Green Maid Agency does not show any guiltiness and is not intending to do any compensation. They even said that it is ok for us to sue them. What kind of attitude is this. We paid a heavy sum for her loan, her insurance etc but what do we get. If we send her back, we are going to lose out some money.

In addition to this, we had our second maid transferred out prior to this. The staff lied to us that she was being transferred out after 2 weeks she was sent back. We called them up again as we did not receive the letter from the MOM. They said they would check and get back to us. After a few days, we called again as there was no reply from their side. The truth is that this maid was just being transferred to another employer, which is the third week instead of the second week. What crap is this? We have to pay for more levy. Why lie to us when the maid was not being transferred yet?

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