Need urgent advise pls - KTKLN application

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Need urgent advise pls - KTKLN application

Postby mamaAz » Fri Jul 19, 2013 3:49 pm


i need an urgent advise.. my indonesian maid now back in surabaya for 1 month home leave.. b4 she left, i told her to go to the airport there to apply for the KTTPLN card ( or whatever u call that! ). but it was a sunday so the issuing office at e airport was closed. so yesterday she asked around some friends and they told her to go to this office and apply. but when she went there, they explained to her the process is too tedious. she doesnt understands the instructions. i got blurred too when she called me and explained to me over the phone. she also mentioned that they asked her for almost 400,000 ruppiah for the card but the brouchure that embassy here gave to her only indicated about 200,000 ruppiah.. and they need many other documents like employer ic, employer passport etc etc.. FOR WHAT??

pls help me.. does anyone know how to process is like actually?.. the charges, how long it takes to issue the card, where to go for the card and what documents exactly needed..

pissed off big time when i called up agency and they know NOTHING. called MOM and they say its indonesia side giving the instructions and they are not aware of the process. and called also embassy and... they say they are not sure how much are the charges, e documents needed and etc etc?!!! i mean isnt somebody or some organisations suppose to take charge of these issues and be available for us to check and enquire??

pls ALL.. i need to advise my maid.. pls do help me.. :cry:

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Re: Need urgent advise pls

Postby POA Teacher » Fri Jul 19, 2013 4:52 pm

What nonsense!! Employer's i.c. , passport etc are NOT required.
There is a thread in this forum regarding KTKLN

According to my maid:
Her friend paid 200,000 rupiah.
She had to show them (i) working agreement (ii) Work permit.
According to my maid if she shows them her Insurance, then she doesn't even have to pay for the card!

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