FDW (Indonesian maid) going back on home leave after 2 years

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FDW (Indonesian maid) going back on home leave after 2 years

Postby Darren Koh » Tue Dec 03, 2013 5:15 pm

Can any one help to advice what should I do with the following scenario:

1) Indon maid will be finishing her 2 yrs contract in March 2014.She may
plan to go back one or two months later after her 2 yrs contract due to
her personal reason.
2) Indon passport still valid for another ~ 3 years.
3) KTLKN card holder when she came to Singapore since Feb 2012
4) Work permit holder
5) She came to work here by our own arrangement and not through maid
agency after she finished her previous contract with another employer.
6) I am the sponsor and the employer is one of my parents.


1) Should I start to plan and work on her home leave now?i.e:
airfare,filled up forms at the indon embassy in Singapore and what
types of forms to filled up again and the type of charges involved?
2) What is the rightful entitle days for home leave? 2,3 weeks or 1
3) What is the Work permit re-application procedures and charges?
4) KTLKN card valid for how long?Need to re-apply again and how and
when and where to re-apply?
5) Is there any complication or penalty for her to take her home leave
one or two months later after her 2 yrs contract due?
6) Is there any cheap return air-fare for FDW?Which agency or website?
7) What are the forms we need to apply and filled up at the indon
Embassy Singapore?Should the employer or the sponsor be present at
the embassy with her?
8)What others thing I would have missed out to ensure her safe and
hassle free return at the indon custom and singapore immigration check
points at both airports after her home leave?

Thanks to all Kiasu Parents in this forum for your great help and also may in a way help other who is facing the same problems..Cheers and thanks again!! :?: :?: :heresmyfish: :lovesite:


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