Blacklist : Pamela Lontes Esteban (WP No.: 0 25154479)

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Blacklist : Pamela Lontes Esteban (WP No.: 0 25154479)

Postby gumiho » Tue Dec 31, 2013 12:39 pm

We had terminated her service on 28 Nov 2013.

I had written a long lists of her mis-behaviour acts which to be presented to her current/future employers. She is a monster in disguise therefore I would urge her current/future employer to contact me immediately before you land yourself in disaster.

Just recently I found out from my daughters that this filipino maid had instigated them to steal from other's property and on weekly basis. This is madness !!

Quoting below a few examples of her misconduct during her employment (4 years service) with us.

1. She will raise her voice at the elderly and children.
2. She does not follow our instruction and only do things her own ways.
3. She will disappear from our home for 2 to 3 hours daily. We have an elderly (mobile) at home whom need to be monitored just in case he fall or fainted in the house therefore disappearing from the house for half a day is unacceptable.
4. She will simply walk away and ignored us when we were talking to her.
5. When our home was infested with household pests (due to all food particles on the floor and she pretend she cannot see it) and she cannot even be bothered to destroy them. When I reprimanded her she told me off saying that there are also a lot of household pests in her house and they just ignored their presence. How can we compare villages with flats? Aren’t we supposed to keep our home a hygiene place? All these household pests had made my home a filthy and disgusting place to live in. Since our helper cannot even be bother, I have no choice but to do it myself. I sprayed insecticides to all areas where the household pest’s presence and the whole process took around half a year for me to exterminate partial of the household pests.
6. We have a vase with live plants at home which need to change water every day and we did remind her again and again to change the water. One fine day, NEA Officers pay us a visit. Mosquito’s breeds (extremely infectious kind) were found in the vase water and unfortunately it was the period when the number of dengue fever cases had been increasing. We were been fined SGD200.00 and yet we were kind enough not to reprimand Pamela. However, she kept arguing that she had changed the water 2 days ago.
7. Every day, she will lock herself in our kitchen toilet – 6 to 7 times daily for almost 1 hour. Initially we thought she was having diarrhea but she will always tell us whenever she was sick. This pattern had been continuing for one and a half year and our conclusion is she is playing her mobile game. Her mobile phone will always be in her hand from day to night, busy talking and sms-ing her friends.
8. On 06 Oct 2013, she came asking me so sweetly that had I purchased Air Ticket for her departure on 01 Dec 2013 (The date she ends her contract with us) and after I told her “Not Yet” She was smiling so delightedly. Then I ask her what’s wrong and she told me that her current maid agency (in lucky plaza) told her that it would be better if she could leave Singapore to Hong Kong directly due to she might face some difficulties to apply work permit directly from Philippines to Hong Kong. Then I asked who will be paying for her Air Ticket from Singapore to Hong Kong and she told me a new employer in Hong Kong. I jokingly pass the remarks saying that “I can save the monies for the Air Ticket.” and she immediately posted the below personal attack remarks in her Facebook.

Im happy about I heard lol....... but too bad she also happy as she said she don't waste her money too for my airfare if she have a common sense and know about the rule between employee&employer she won't think that she save her money otherwise she will give it to me as a token for service on them but as a stingy creatures never thought of it lol...... its okay.... keep your money and im happy for letting me go......

By reading the few examples above, do you think will you still employ her ?

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Re: Blacklist : Pamela Lontes Esteban (WP No.: 0 25154479)

Postby POA Teacher » Tue Dec 31, 2013 2:12 pm

I would like to wish good luck to her new employer :rotflmao:

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