Can I blacklist unhygienic maid??

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Can I blacklist unhygienic maid??

Postby Mummy 81 » Thu Jan 09, 2014 1:39 pm

I have hired a Indonesia maid which ald marriage with 1 child
Her work permit no : 0 08039372 Yestin Lismawati
From the starting she have shown me her picky she sleep with my mum & the room's door was open at night time.but no one in out accept my mum.she can ask me why she can't close the door & I can?!?!it happen when she just a few days here.
Beside that she picky in food too.normally my mum will cook & we all just back for dinner.for sure,some of the cook will bring over to dinner from lunch.she wouldn't touch the left over food & rice too.when ask her to take for us,she will served the left over to us & she herself eat a newly cook rice.after dinner,she will ask my mum it's goin to throw the left over food from surprise..waste food!!
After we talk to her agent & been counsel,she ok with the food but...nightmare start..
I found she's not washing the cup whichever kids after drink milk.she just keep it back to normal place! Beside that,I found a few times spoon,plate & so on was oily & some worse..have a food in top..not change after told a few times.
For her personal hygiene too..need me to enforce her then she wil change her clothes after bath.but she not wash all that.just keep in the cupboard...
Really think to blacklist her as don't wan others become victim again..

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Re: Can I blacklist unhygienic maid??

Postby st2 » Fri Jan 10, 2014 1:13 am

Please do.

I've been wondering what does MOM do with their settling in program (which we pay for), just teach them how to hang clothes, how to make sure they claim their salary, who to call to complain, a whole long list of phone numbers to call?!?!?!?

Is it acceptable for dishes to be oily after washing in her home country? Clean or dirty is not rocket science, can't they tell the difference, there is NO in between. If it is still dirty, it is not clean.

Do we need to teach them to tell dirty apart from clean? I think MOM should seriously teach the maid that they have to clean something until it is no longer dirty. Teach them that when something is still dirty, they should not claim that they have done their work/have cleaned. This really annoys me the most!!!!!! when you show them the filth, they still argue they have cleaned.

Are we being fussy? Why would we want the maid to waste detergent, time and water to clean something and have it still dirty? It is either dirty or clean!

Tell her to buy her own food if she does not want to eat yours.

I eat left over food.....from lunch or from yesterday (not fish though) I would tell my maid that.

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