Maid Search, Nora Yishun

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Maid Search, Nora Yishun

Postby SeanM212 » Thu Jan 09, 2014 3:18 pm

Our domestic helper did not return from her home leave on 31/12 and left us in a lurch. We were without helps and have to cope with heavy workloads, school-going children without adult supervisions, and household chores. Very tiring. We approached Nora Maid in Yishun for help. We used them before and had quite good experience, despite some negative publicity about them. This time the manager "Boy" was very helpful in shortlisting suitable ones for us. He the training center in Indonesia to track down the maid when we were there to interview, called Myanmar to track down an ex Sing maid, helped us to ask the right questions, provide his own fair assessments and attended to the details info we were after. He was very patient, friendly yet professional thought out.

We decided later to take a transferred maid from another agency as we need helps urgently, and the new one from Nora will take a while to come in. When I called Boy to apologize for all his wasted efforts, he was very gracious and thank us for the visit. It has been a while since we encountered agency with good services, after dealing with diff agencies when hiring 4 maids in the past 13 years.

I don't usually do this but compelled to share. If you need a fresh indo maid and can wait, you may want to call Boy. I am just a parent and I am not getting anything out of this. Just to share a good service I encountered and a potentially good maid for you. Cheers

Mr. Tan.

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