anyone can help. if you are using Bright Maid @ Upp Bt Timah

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anyone can help. if you are using Bright Maid @ Upp Bt Timah

Postby bbsin » Mon Mar 03, 2014 11:21 am


I just put my deposit of $200 last week with maid agency Bright Maid @ Upper Bukit Timah. The agency lady - Miyuki is very nice and helpful to help me find suitable maid.

however, over the weekend, my maid decided to continue so I have to release the agency maid. But I need to get my $200 deposit back, as I have placed them already.

Agency allow me to get my $200 only if someone hiring maid from Bright Maid agency.

Can ask for a favour for those of you looking for maid and are using Bright Maid to help me so that I can get my $200 back?

I really appreciated your help.

Please PM me if you are using this maid agency, your help is very very much appreciated.

Thank you
Best Regards

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