Water Leak Damage to Flooring (Laminate)

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Water Leak Damage to Flooring (Laminate)

Postby tybalt » Tue Mar 18, 2014 9:13 pm

Hello guys

Recently change the laminate floor outside the master bedroom toilet due to water damage. Initially we thought that the water from toilet splash out or during mopping that damage the laminate floor, but after the change, we found the same problem occur outside toilet floor again.

But I am not sure if the water leakage is from toilet or the aircon pipe/trunking which is right outside the toilet.

[u]Does anyone can advise how to check or more importantly recommend someone that can check and provide the neccessary repair work?[/u]

We are at loss now and fustrated that we have to do the laminate fllor repair again ontop of the water leakage repair.

:?: :imdrowning:

Many Thanks

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Re: Water Leak Damage to Flooring (Laminate)

Postby kiasumember » Sun Apr 13, 2014 5:32 pm


if you have solved your water leakage problem, please ignore.

My suggestion is to check with a few service company, let them advice/ quote you. Some of them do come down to your house to understand the problem and quote you without any charges.

You don't need to pay anything until you have decided to get their service. They can explain you what is the root cause, and advise you. Some company even guarantee, say 1 year, for no leakage. Listen to their suggestions and judge by yourself.

There are a number of water proof service companies. Do google it with the key word Renovation, Grouting, Waterproof. Or here is the link where you can find some of those:

http://sg.88db.com/q-PU%20Injection%20G ... erproof/1/

All the best to your leakage problem!

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