International relocation companies

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International relocation companies

Postby cylai » Wed May 21, 2014 9:13 am

HI, I am moving to Canada soon and now looking for a good and reliable relocation companies. As I am moving on my own expense, cost is an issue. But I am not compromising with service and reliability. Like to find a good balance. Been calling and researching more than 30 companies and finally shortlisted don to 3:-

Crown - most expensive but seems quite professional & reliable. Not too flexible though in certain request due to corporate regulations.

Geometra - Quotation seems reasonable at one glance but later found out it did not include alot of charges at destination. But they are flexible in my other request and fast response.

Astro - Cheapest and includes everything that all other relocation companies do not include. Website also very impressive...seems international. Problem is very bad reviews in their facebook page but I cannot find them in other forum page. Like to checkout more on this company because they are super cheap. Cost is critical to me.

If anyone has any comments on the above movers or any other companies to recommend, please feel free to add.


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Re: International relocation companies

Postby lovejoypeacce » Wed May 21, 2014 9:45 am

We used Collins Movers when we moved from Singapore to New Zealand. My sister in law used them when she moved to Toronto Canada too.

They were great! No breakage and on time. Was able to liaise with the other side to coordinate the move for us. No issue with customs etc as well.

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