Helping my Myanmar maid to find new employer

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Helping my Myanmar maid to find new employer

Postby Sunnoy » Thu May 22, 2014 10:59 pm

Hi everyone,

My Myanmar maid going to finish her 2 years contract in end of July, and she need to find a new employer by 25Jun14.

She is 26 years old, mainly taking care of my elder son from 2-4 yrs old, do cleaning, laundry, other housekeepings, also help in taking care my younger son 0-2 yrs old, but she is not the major one to take care my younger son and cannot cook. My boy likes to play with her very much. She is nice character and obedient. Now my younger son will go to childcare next month, so i'm not renewing her.

She is asking for 550, plus every week 1 off day.

If you are interested or need to know more details, please SMS me (92952560). Thankyou :smile: :smile:

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