Bad Performance Maid (FDW)

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Bad Performance Maid (FDW)

Postby BestMom99 » Fri Sep 12, 2014 12:08 pm

Hi all,
I'm starting a thread for all of us suffering with poor conduct, character, work attitude or performance of our FDW.

I recently received a letter in our mailbox about dispute betweeen our maid with neighbor's maid and found out that our maid has been socializing when asked to go out and buy food.

I managed to search her FB account, provided by the writer of the letter and saw my maid's FB picture with our son's breakfast in her hand, smiling happily.

I also found out that she has never cleaned her room. Our newly replaced maid has to spend half a day just to clean up the maidroom.

Now my new maid is asking me to give her off day when she's only with us for one and the half month and still owing us S$2300 when she's not supposed to go off when she's still serving her outstanding loan. Agent told her dont let us go off day while serving loan because there is a risk of her running away or get pregnant.

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