Maid's Bad Employment History- Maid Don't Even Know about it

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Re: Maid's Bad Employment History- Maid Don't Even Know abou

Postby shannii » Fri Jan 09, 2015 5:43 pm

Image Image
Height: 1.55m Weight: 59Kg
Tanned skin Black eyes
Black Hair, short with wavy hair . Hair always cover up half face with no hairclips.
Last seen at Tampines Central 12.15pm on 29 Dec 2014, wearing white dress clad with floral prints and platform shoes.
Came from Myanmar. 24 years old

If seen, please help to bring her to the nearest police station.
Or call SANDA 8251 1136
AMANDA 9366 8223 or

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Re: Maid's Bad Employment History- Maid Don't Even Know abou

Postby yk2366 » Wed Mar 18, 2015 8:33 pm

Seehangshek wrote:
POA Teacher wrote:
st2 wrote:For 3) my opinion is quite a stretch. I doubt any agent would put money up front to bring fresh maids over to Singapore and wait for potential customers to walk in or call. Don't the agents have to pay the foreign agents for the maids?

Is this an explaination from some poor thing maid having a bad employment history told to the new employer?

Did the maid expect to be lying at the beach or chatting at coffee shop with friends while waiting with 21 days allowance to be transfered out?

In my opinion, this so called practice is not in practise.
But what the agents do do is that they bring the girls in as tourists (the girls are well aware they don't have employers. In fact many may have come on their own and then approached the agents). Then they look for employers.

POA Teacher

You are completely WRONG.

All the 10 Filipino maids came in with MOM's IPAs , not as tourists as what you has guessed which is a completely different issue . The 10 Filipino maids ( Not tourists) are now in the custody of a women shelter assisting the authorities' investigations.

The unethical maid agency- GREATLink is one agnecy that flaw Singapore laws. They have been investigated by MOM for other offences and MOM has already awarded this agency with 12 DEMERIT POINTS as shown in MOM website.

GREATLink is one of the many other agencies which lure the maids into Singapore & cheat the poor maids.

MaryAnn Alimania

Hi to all

I think it is useful to add the above sharings under the topic of Maid's Bad Employment History ..Maid Dont Even Know about it.. for the benefit of innocent employers .

oh no, greatlink is my agency and i think this is exactly what happened. my transfer maid's loan is $2000, when she started working here last august. she wanted to terminate and go back home due to family issues while being with old employer, so he got a new maid, but then during this period she got a call saying it's been handled so she asked the employer if she can stay. bc he got a new employer he refused, and thus she was avilable for transfer.

i didn't know the law was that you can't charge a maid up to two months of her pay. but $2000 is nearly four times.. so i'm guessing they charged her two months last august and is charging her again, now that she's a transfer?

should i tell the agency that this is unethical and try to cut down the loan? did this ever work for anyone? i've only put down the deposit on my maid and she seems like a nice girl.

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Re:bad experience to share with community.

Postby Dental » Wed Apr 05, 2017 10:23 am

Filipino maid ( Rowena Pasaje Paje 21/6/1974) intimidate kids of other nationalities maid kill children.

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