Indonesian Maid for Immediate Transfer

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Indonesian Maid for Immediate Transfer

Postby Sinny » Sun Aug 02, 2015 5:10 pm

I have an Indonesian maid for transfer.

Here's her profile:

Born: July 1980
Height/weight: 157 cm, 58 kg
Religion: Muslim
Children: she has 2 children, 14 and 10 y/o
Work experience: 2009-2014 in Arab (duties mainly taking care of children and cooking arab food)
Personality: Quiet, hardworking, can take instructions, willing to learn attitude, positive attitude and adaptable
Passport Validity: Till June 2020

She is a hardworking and has a ready to learn attitude. She is a fast learner. She also follows instructions properly and does not have the habit of talking back. She is patient with children and can feed and keep children company. She is excellent at her household chores like cleaning, laundry and ironing. She is currently helping to take care of 3 children.

Preferably a new employer who can converse in Bahasa Malay as she can only converse in simple English. I am letting her go because of some language barrier (I cannot speak Bahasa Malay).

There will be an agency fee of $1,288 and recruiter fee of $500 and her loan.

Anyone interested pls PM me, I will pass you the contact of the agency you can liaise with for the transfer.

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Re: Indonesian Maid for Immediate Transfer

Postby huaywenandkenneth » Sun Aug 02, 2015 10:47 pm

I don't require a new maid (just gotten a new Myanmar helper), but I thought if the reason you are transferring your current maid off coz of language barrier, you may wish to reconsider.

It is really not easy to get maids with good disposition nowadays eg hardworking, doesn't talk back, willing to learn etc.
I am lucky as my current maid, though weak in English, is very smiley and appreciative of what we do for her.
She is also hardworking, but can be a bit ditsy at times (we are ok with that, for now as she is less than 1 month old).

Language can be learnt and picked up, if both parties put in effort. We trained our previous helper from scratch (didn't even have work experience) and it took her about 7 months to speak and understand English reasonably well.

Just my 1 cent.

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Re: Indonesian Maid for Immediate Transfer

Postby Coolkidsrock2 » Sun Aug 02, 2015 11:07 pm

I will also suggest you reconsider. Indonesian maids can pick up English quite fast and it is hard to find a maid who value work, especially if she is capable of managing housework and 3 kids. Some maids will have asked for transfer already as it can be considered as quite a lot of work already.

For maids who can perform, it is pretty much their market.

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Re: Indonesian Maid for Immediate Transfer

Postby baby99lon » Thu Nov 26, 2015 10:53 am

anyone got maid to be transferred? Urgent!

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