Petition about FDWs

With most families being dual-income-with-kids, outsourcing home cleaning and home economics to domestic helpers is almost a way of life for Singaporeans. Come in and discuss issues pertaining to maids and home management.

Petition about FDWs

Postby nms1 » Thu Jan 21, 2016 8:25 pm

Please take a look and sign this if you agree ... -singapore

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Re: Petition about FDWs

Postby DWEAS » Sun Jan 24, 2016 1:37 am

Why settle for a petiton? It is time to have a FDW employer association to empower employers and to offer collective inputs to other stakeholders. Furthermore, a non-profit organisation can be a vehicle for dealing with and seeking redress from, employment agents and FDWs. Unity is strength! It is time to act - Malaysian employers have their association since 2011! In fact, employers the world over need to unite - the problems we face in Singapore are being experienced elsewhere. The association can even be the single stop for sourcing and managing FDWs for employer members thereby bypassing the employment agents. The association can also help members in other allied areas such as childcare, elder care, etc. all of which are hot-button issues in our daily lives. Let's have the resolve to not just rant about the problems but to unite so that other stakeholders would take us seriously and give us a seat at the table in formulating policies and making decisions. Let's help ourselves rather than hoping others would look after us. Let's not take it any longer lying down but stand up for ourselves to build a fair system for all stakeholders. All those interested in launching the association, please email to indicate whether you are interested in actively contributing to the development of the association.

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Re: Petition about FDWs

Postby jetsetter » Thu Jan 28, 2016 9:50 am

This has to do with the min wage of FDWs, more than any thing else right? More FDWs are victimised compared to employers. The case per this ipetition isn't strongly argued. Gotta recraft your letter to the PPC.

After signing, what next?

Anyone of you petitioners going to register your Foreign Domestic Employers Federation at ROS or ROTU? MOM isn't going to help you found a society or federation or congress, I hope you realise this from all the standard statements issued by them on FDW matters. They are the regulators.

At the employees front, there're HOME & TWC2 and now the govt's opened CDE that you guys must be prepared to negotiate FDWs' min wage, benefits with. And if you're in the employers federation's exco, you also need to avail yourselves to talk to the respective foreign embassies implementing those min wages...And who will draft your Constitution?

Good luck! :xedfingers:

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