Looking for transfer Maid in Dec 2016

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Looking for transfer Maid in Dec 2016

Postby p1keys » Tue Aug 16, 2016 10:38 am


I am looking for a transfer maid in Dec 2016, preferably from the Philippines

my current maid plans to go home to run her business after working for me for 4 yrs, we agree she will go home in dec 2016, so this allow my wife during the school holiday to train the new person up.

her duties are

1, cleaning and cooking for a Chinese family
2, look after my 2 girls , play and read with them , Bring them or fetch them from library, school and classes.
3, occasionally help in cleaning the car, and take care of pets ( Hampster and a fish tank)

She can have her weekend off and her hand phone.

No maid agency pls.. thank you

if you have a good maid that you plan to let go, pls PM or email me alanccvoo@gmail.com

Cheers and thanks


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