Home leave for existing Filipino maids

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Home leave for existing Filipino maids

Postby KoalaMummy » Wed Sep 14, 2016 9:07 pm

Hi, my Filipino maid (8 years with me now) told me that the Philippines Embassy has amended the maid's contract and now all maids (existing and new) are entitled to home leave every year.

I checked both P Embassy and MOM but found not such ruling.

Can anyone confirm this??

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Home leave for existing Filipino maids

Postby TWU » Wed Sep 14, 2016 9:38 pm

Hi! KoalaMummy,

As stated in clause (9) Standard Employment Contract (you may obtain it via Embassy's website) that "vacation leave with full pay of not less than 15 calendar days for every year of service to be availed upon completion of the contract".

In other words, helper is only entitled to not less than 30 calendar days vacation leave (with full pay) upon completion of 2-year contract.

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Re: Home leave for existing Filipino maids

Postby lousy-mom » Thu Sep 15, 2016 9:20 am

Based on MOM/CASE Spore FDW standard contract, the correct FDW entitlement is:
"13. Should both parties (Employer and FDW) agree to extend this contract, she (the FDW) shall be entitled to ______ days [recommended 15 days] of paid home leave (inclusive of a return ticket to her City of origin).

Philippines contract expects employer to be liable for 15 days leave yearly. This is obviously showing no respect to Spore, the country that gave FDWs a decent job and plentiful money to feed source countries, as well as agencies. MOM didn't endorse this contract. You work in a Spore company, signed the employment contract and then make a fuss... just because you realised other companies have better terms, are you morally right? Nobody forced you to sign, you wanted a job so agreed to the terms, isn't it? Why push the blame to others because of your itchy fingers?

We have our laws yet source country is not adhering, bullying the little red dot. This is Philippines Embassy's contract http://www.philippine-embassy.org.sg/wp ... s/SECD.pdf.
For years, before the salary was on par with US$400, FDWs and employers are forced to sign this contract in order to be granted home leave (OEC). Most employers were told by agents to sign blindly, that contract is not binding, it was just to make OEC application a breeze. Our laws are being twisted by foreigners, you feel good? By agreeing to this, it is employer's kindness to give more but don't assume this 15 calendar days for every year of service is correct or brainwashed by evildoers to think you were cheated by employers.

Based on Embassy contract "9. Vacation leave with full pay of not less than 15 calendar days for every year of service to be availed of upon completion of the contract." Vacation leave was mentioned but not round trip air ticket. MOM's home leave entitlement is available after completion of a 2-year contract, a renewal would entitle FDW to 15 days leave +return air ticket.

Assuming an experience maid's salary (worked a few years) is S$550 so 15 days is $275. A ticket to Manila on budget airline is about $250 = $525 Sg contract leave benefits. Embassy: 15 calendar days for every year of service = 15 x 2 yr. 30 days is one month so equiv to $550 Philippines contract leave benefits. FDW who chose this ought to buy own air ticket for yearly trip. In conclusion, depends on preference, the home leave entitlement is of not much difference. Read the terms, don't be coerced to give something you don't feel right or FDW's service simply not worth it. If your FDW is like mine just satisfactory, need to close eyes at times and you don't feel like getting a new maid (gamble) who might be worse.... weight the pros and cons. If you can afford letting a demanding 狮子大开口 FDW off and get replacement easily, you won't be entangled and forced to lower your expectations.

FDWs want to work, intend to renew contract to get home leave, above standard contract which was signed by FDWs has to be taken as the right model. If you don't show basic respect to the host country and just want to make trouble, ignored the terms on MOM/CASE standard contract, such FDWs should be fired to avoid headaches. She sings her tune proudly, you can't do anything to her. Nowadays, FDWs aren't vulnerable, they know what are their advantage, protectors/activists and rights. FDWs aren't submissive and easy to manage. :imdrowning: :?:

Signed above MOM/CASE contract but lied don't know in order to be given perks out of contract .... giving in would just make FDW become bold and more demanding. As mentioned, it is employer's kindness to give more but don't assume FDW deserves it.

Personally, I give my FDW yearly 15 days home leave but only the home leave after 2 year completion and renewal is fully paid.
Read: Maid's (FDW) employers faced unfair policies http://maid-employer.blogspot.com/2016/ ... nfair.html
Filipino maid's Home Leave (OEC) http://maid-employer.blogspot.com/2013/ ... leave.html

My FDW took her first home leave when she was half a year with me. She asked me before I hired her. My annual leave are reserved for her absence. This year, she wanted to go home in Oct then changed to Dec but due to Xmas high ticket cost, she decided not to go home this year. Also, she kept whining no money, thus, I told her to think properly. It is irritating that out of goodwell, I let her go home yet was 'pestered/bombarded by her'. Waste money or save the money for her family and herself to spend.... as an adult, 38 years old, she should have the brain to think well. It is tiring to keep reminding and counselling her. Having a FDW is like babysitting a big baby. :rant: Don't forget when FDW is absent, who is taking over the FDW's duties. Sometimes, I get really frustrated when my FDW kept pestering for longer absence eg one month leave. She refused to understand that I have a job at stake if she's gone for too long. This is what we call, give an inch, take a yard.... some FDWs aren't appreciative of what you've done. Yes, you should be kind and understanding but some people just take things for granted, failed to count their blessings (in disguise).

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