Transferring my girl to Pri school with affiliation to Sec

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Transferring my girl to Pri school with affiliation to Sec

Postby hwtan » Sun Nov 02, 2014 9:17 am


We're thinking of requesting a school transfer for our daughter who is now at the end of Primary 3.

She is currently in a good brand name school in the south, but this school does not have affiliation to a secondary school.

We want to transfer her to a school with secondary school affiliation starting from Pri 4 as we know the affiliation gives a very good bonus to the PSLE score.

Now I know that school transfer is usually based on merit, e.g. the student has great results, superstar ECAs, etc.

In our case, our daughther is struggling academically and we hope to transfer her based on "compassionate" grounds. She is struggling academically and based on professional diagnosis she has no learning disability but is a slower learner than average.

The other reason we have is that her grandmother will more easily be able to pick her to / from school as the target school is nearer her Grandma's place.

We also feel that the target school is a more holistic learning environment for our child.

Does anyone have experience or tips to achieve a school transfer in this kind of circumstance? That is, on compassionate grounds? What do you say to the target school as your reasons?

Thanks for any help you can render.


Some background:
- Our daughter is quite borderline when it comes to academics, she is not a superstar.
- Her English / Chinese are typically about 60 / 100.
- Maths is her weakest subject and she is typically like 51 / 100.
- Science is her favorite subject and she is usually 60 something out of 100.
- She does not have much of an extracurricular record, not part of some school team or anything.

- My wife puts in a LOT of time with her, coaching her everyday
- We also send her to Berries, PSLE Maths and she has one-on-one English tuition
- We send her to Total Communication (which helps slower learners catch up by helping them think / analyze etc.)
- We had her diagnosed and the results and she is not labelled as dslexic or having learning difficulty. She is just poorer on listening, working memory and the ability to process / analyze information.
- Her working memory is slow, meaning if you ask her something like, what is 121 + 54, she will take longer than you'd expect her to.
- She is a good girl and works hard but learning wise is lags behind.

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Re: Transferring my girl to Pri school with affiliation to S

Postby Bubble_jj » Thu May 14, 2015 3:49 pm

Hi my gal is similar to your gal, no matter how much effort put in it's still borderline or at times worse, could be around 45/100.
But overall she is diligent in her work.

My gal got transferred from a sch with no affliation to a sch with affliation when she was in p3.

I strongly encouraged the transferred if the sch does not have a high cut off points for affiliated students say for example if it takes 200 to qualify for the sec express as oppose to 230 for the affiliated sec school.

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Re: Transferring my girl to Pri school with affiliation to S

Postby Swift Formula » Mon Jul 06, 2015 10:30 am

No good. If distance wise near is ok. Having 200 to enter compared to the rest entering at 240 would be a great difference. Your child will be struggling as papers and homework are often set for those 240.

Consider extra tutors? Handpick them.

thing to consider for sec sch:
PSLE score to enter

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