Tips on P3/P4 Stimulus Based Conversation

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Tips on P3/P4 Stimulus Based Conversation

Postby My Tuition Haven » Mon Sep 30, 2013 4:37 pm

The new oral format includes a reading passage and a stimulus based conversation. Schools may use 4 pictures of various themes that will interest a student of that age. E.g. 4 different types of games/ gifts. Or an advertisement featuring children's toys or stationery.

Questions such as Which of these games do you like to play? or Which of these gifts would you buy for your best friend could be asked.

Points to remember :
1) This is a conversation. Giving a speech is not required but neither is one sentence answer allowed.
2) Make eye contact with the examiner.
3) Be prepared for other questions as this is a conversation.

I tell my students to follow this pattern
1) make eye contact
2) choose the picture you want to talk about
3) give a brief description of it
4) tell why you chose it
5) and why not the others

Then be prepared for other questions, maintaining eye contact.

Parents may use advertisements from magazines such as Popular and form your own questions to prepare your children. The aim is to make them as comfortable as possible to respond well. Oh, don't forget to practice the Reading Component as well, focusing on Diction/ Intonation/ Different tone of voice for narration and dialogue.

I have put up two examples of stimulus based conversation images and responses on my blog Sorry, but I have problems transferring the images here (I had some problems posting them on my blog as well :( )

Good Luck to everyone for the upcoming SA2!

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Re: Tips on P3/P4 Stimulus Based Conversation

Postby icy_mama » Mon Sep 30, 2013 4:42 pm

:thankyou: this came is sooooo handy! my ds' oral is tomorrow. :smile:

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