Did your child get the pronounication right?

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Did your child get the pronounication right?

Postby snowcloud » Sat Jan 28, 2012 8:38 pm

Hi All,

I am prompted to start this thread after I realised quite a number of my new students are not pronouncing the following words right. According to them, this is how their school teacher taught them. Hence, I thought I can bring this up and you might want to ask your child for the pronounication to see if they got them right. It will be good to get them write down the hanyu pinyin. Fyi, these are part of P3 to P6 vocabulary words from their textbooks. Thanks.

星期天 xing(1) qi(1) tian(1)
休息 xiu(1) xi
本领 ben(3) ling(3)
友谊 you(3) yi(4)
一匹马 yi(4) pi(3) ma(3)
商量shang(1) liang(2)/liang
忍不住 ren(3) bu zhu(4)
来不及 lai(2) bu ji(2)
傍晚 bang(4) wan(3)
差点儿 cha(4) dianr(3)
着急 zhao(2) ji(2)
兴奋 xing(1) fen(4)
认识 ren(4) shi
意思 yi(4) si
教导 jiao(4) dao(3)
显得 xian(3) de
似的 shi(4) de
来宾 lai(2) bin(1)
提供 ti(2) gong(1)
请教qing(3) jiao(4)
唠叨 lao(2) dao
空闲 kong(4) xian(2)
气氛 qi(4) fen(1)
塞住 sai(1) zhu
几乎ji(1) hu(1)
尽管 jin(3) guan(3)
模糊 mo(2) hu
奇迹 qi(2) ji(4)
包括 bao(1) kuo(4)
大概 da(4) gai(4)
柜子 gui(4) zi
委屈 wei(3) qu
痕迹 hen(2) ji(4)
使劲 shi(3) jin(4)
关系 guan(1) xi(4)/xi
的确 di(2) que(4)
冤枉 yuan(1) wang
扁担 bian(3) dan
角色 jue(2) se(4)
困难 kun(4) nan
仍然 reng(2) ran(2)
敏感 min(3) gan(3)
允许 yun(3) xu(3)
马虎 ma(3) hu
佣人 yong(1) ren(2)
规矩 gui(1) ju
装模作样 zhuang(1) mu(2) zuo(4) yang(4)
细菌xi(4) jun(1)

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