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P6 Creative writing

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This is the last in the series of tips on creative writing. I would like to write more on the Oral component next. Please bear in the mind that the lists are not complete and your child can add on more suitable words and phrases.

Words and Phrases for different scenarios
A happy scenario

a) Introduction
• The sun shone brilliantly and the water in the pond glittered invitingly.
• The sunset was glorious, all rosy and salmon-pink

b) Describing People
Puffy cheeks/ broad muscular shoulders/ cute button nose/ soft and sweet voice/ with lovely curls/ long, soft and silky hair/ bright, sparkling eyes

c) Describing happiness
• Her heart was filled with overflowing joy.
• She felt surrounded by angels of joy.
• Her eyes twinkled with happiness.
• She was in high spirits.

d) Idioms
• On cloud nine
• Smack one’s lips
• Over the moon
• Have a whale of a time
• Lend a helping hand
• Greet someone with open arms

e) Proverbs
• A friend in need is a friend indeed
• Every cloud has a silver lining
• Make hay while the sun shines
• Many hands make light work

f) Similes
• As happy as a lark
• As joyful as a fly
• As faithful as a dog
• As gentle as a dove
• As graceful as a swan
• As sharp as a razor
• As bright as a button
• As brilliant as stars

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