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Pointers for PSLE Final preparation - by GreatMinds School

Postby Great_Minds » Mon Sep 10, 2012 12:24 pm

Pointers for PSLE Mathematics Final preparation

As we enter the final phase for PSLE preparation, all the concepts,
techniques and solving methods should have been taught already. In these last 2 weeks of preparation, the focus should be on knowing the little details of the various solving methods for each particular type of questions and mental preparation for the exams thus to achieve the best possible condition for the PSLE. Below are a few final pointers to take note of during these final 2 weeks.
1. Time management during the exam itself

During this period of time, we should suggest students to practice on the full paper:

Paper 1: Try to complete Booklet A and B between 30-45 minutes. Completing in less than 30 minutes may not be a good idea because this means the student has read the questions too quickly and may have committed some careless mistakes.

Paper 2: For Question 1-9 (2-3 marks per question), students should try to complete them within 30 minutes
For Question 10-18 (4-5 marks per question), students should spend around 40 minutes to do all the questions.
The main idea is to complete 17 out of the 18 questions in 70 minutes then use the remaining 30 minutes to solve the most challenging question and do some checking. There will always be a very difficult question in the exam every year.

The above arrangement is our recommended strategy, the actual time allocation varies depending on the strength of the students. Last year, one of our students only spent 35 minutes to complete the Paper 2! Students are advised not to pursue speed and forsake careful reading!

2. Recall the type of question and the solving method

Practice during this last phase is not to discover new type of question and learning new solving method. This mode of learning should have been completed before the preliminary exams. During this time, students’ focus should be on identifying the types of question and recalling the method used to solve the question.

3. Have more patience in solving difficult question

In the time management section, we have mentioned that students should allocate 30 minutes to solve one difficult question. Students must develop the patience to spend around 30 minutes just to solve that difficult question after completing the other 17 questions. Parents can look for some difficult questions and let the child struggle with the question for 30 minutes without any help. If the student can manage to solve it, his/her confidence and ability will greater improve. Never give up!

Pointers for PSLE Science final preparation

1. Time management for PSLE Science exam

Section A: Take 40-45 minutes to complete, do not use less than 30 minutes to avoid carelessness in reading resulting in loss of marks.

Section B: Take 45-50 minutes to complete
Focus on doing Section A well.

2. Answering techniques for Section A

A. Read carefully. Many mistakes made in Section A are due to carelessness in reading the questions. Do not read briefly and attempt the questions without fully understood all the information provided in the questions even if the question is very long. Do not rely on checking after completing the paper because it’s not easy detect one’s own mistake.
B. Clarify all the doubts in the questions. Read, think and understand the meaning of all the information in the questions.
C. Relate the question to the particular science topic and think about what are the key concepts and terms which are needed in the answer. Think about the purpose of the setter in giving that information in the questions.
The target is to achieve 56/60 and above for Section A to achieve A*
3. Answering techniques for Section B

A. Control the amount of time for each question. Take note of the marks allocated for each question (1 or 2 marks). Do not spend too much time in writing lengthy answers especially for 1 mark questions otherwise there will not be sufficient time to complete the paper.
B. Answers must be concise and straight to the point stating all the relevant concepts and key words. Bear in mind that you are doing a Science exam not English composition.
C. Take note of the connection of the various parts (eg. Part a , b and c) of a question. Usually the latter part will require the concept answered in the earlier part.

Finally, wishing every student the very best in PSLE 2012!

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Re: Pointers for PSLE Final preparation - by GreatMinds Scho

Postby anneshirleygilbert » Wed Sep 19, 2012 8:38 pm

Thank you. I think it's very kind of you to post this here.


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Re: Pointers for PSLE Final preparation - by GreatMinds Scho

Postby verykiasumummy » Wed Sep 19, 2012 10:32 pm

great for preparation even though my dd and ds has not reach psle this yr... thks for sharing...

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