HAM:Good habits and good methods, scoring a stress-free A*

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HAM:Good habits and good methods, scoring a stress-free A*

Postby Great_Minds » Wed Oct 30, 2013 4:52 pm

Academic results are not the only goal of education, but it is difficult to imagine a good education without academic results. Parents and children always have looked towards results with expectations and the stress from the preparation is expected so they should not made a big fuss over it. However, if a child and parents have spent much time and effort to obtain good results yet the expectation of getting good results is not satisfied then they will be under much stress and frustrations. We need to reflect on this matter. Let’s make a simple suggestion, if every child only uses 20% of the time and effort yet manages 80% satisfaction on the results then the stress from studying will be greatly reduced. This article will expound on making the learning process simple and relaxed, enabling the child to easily achieve good results and adopting the right attitude towards studying and lifelong learning abilities. Therefore we evocate this HAM approach:

Good results = Good habits + Essential abilities + Good methods

Good Habit–There are many good study habits, relevant at different phases of education. During the Primary education, there are 3 most important habits. First one is to listen attentively and seriously when the teacher is teaching. This is also the most fundamental habit. Whether a child’s results are not good or not depends greatly whether he/she listens well during the lesson in school. The reasons for not listening well may be many, different children’s situations may vary so there is a need to analyse their problems in depth. An effective teacher will discover these problems and work together with the parents. The second key habit is completing the homework in high quality. Homework is used to affirm whether the child has grasped the knowledge and know how to apply the knowledge. This plays an important role in this process of gaining knowledge, serious attention is necessary. When the child can treat the homework seriously like an exam, the child will have no fear over exams. Both parents and teachers might have a misconception that the reason why students do not complete their homework is because they are lazy. However, it is not true in many cases, sometimes it is actually the content is too difficult and too many questions, Both parents and teachers especially teachers need to be very observant and communicate regularly with the teachers. The final habit is file all the worksheets and test papers orderly. Its importance of this habit is more evident in Primary School because the difficulty level in our Primary school’s textbooks is not high so most schools will rely on their in-house worksheets.

Essential Ability – Essential ability refers to the understanding of essential concepts with essential comprehensive ability and mathematical ability. The key point is the strength in calculation skills which most local students are weak in. There are many factors for this situation but the most glaring one is the requirement in the Math syllabus is too low. Even comparing with US syllabus, our requirement for calculation skills in our students is lower. For example 0.3 x 0.4 is not even in our Primary syllabus! Most readers of this article would be shocked to be aware of this that our syllabus does not emphasize the importance of strong calculation skills in our students.

Good Methods – Good study methods include 2 aspects and they are teaching and learning. Teaching refer to the knowledge that is with the teacher while Learning means adopting the best method for learning. There are some commonly used methods and some special methods. This article will focus on the teachers, talk about the 3 essential standards. They are (1) the passion for teaching and the fond of children, (2) have professional requirements for their occupation, fully understood the syllabus including the insufficiency of the syllabus, summarizing the key points of the day’s topic, understanding the types of the questions and the methods to get it right. (3) The third is the alertness of the teacher to find out any difficulty in learning the students might face and promptly find out the reason. There are many things will distract children from studying in this generation, the quality of the teacher will determine the success and failure of the student in a particular subject.

Welcome for discussion.

Dr. James Li
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Re: HAM:Good habits and good methods, scoring a stress-free

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Do we need to send kids to enrichment / tuition centres to achieve 'great minds' ?

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