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MEAN PSLE t-Score 2013 and earlier

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Re: MEAN PSLE t-Score 2013 and earlier

Postby iRabbit » Fri May 23, 2014 10:24 pm

Fried chicken wrote:
rains wrote:No offence but what makes you think that slmkhoo had that intention?

Her post doesn't come across that way to me. It just reads that she is aware that she could do it, but she wouldn't. It's just like I could have stolen from a shop but I didn't. Does it mean that I have the intention to steal? It's a terrible analogy but if coming back from overseas is an advantage that she could leverage on, why shouldn't she?

For people to have come back overseas and could use it as good reasons for a principal to relent, I see it as an advantage or privilege that I don't have. I wouldn't think that they play cheat or go by back door.

Agree with you, Rains. I didn't see her post as coming across that way either.

I agree re the returning from overseas thing too - if the kid is academically able to study in a good school, then why not? The kid has to go somewhere, and it wouldn't make sense, if they were academically inclined, to just put them in a 'lower' school and effectively 'penalise' them from coming back from overseas. If they can't do it and the parents insist, that's sad, but it's their choice.

From her posts, most of us can tell slmkhoo is a well-balanced parent. Certainly strikes me as a parent wise enough to know what's best for her kids, and not someone who blindly goes for the branded schools. :smile:

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Re: MEAN PSLE t-Score 2013 and earlier

Postby Stressedupmom » Fri May 23, 2014 10:42 pm

Minister Lim Swee Say will be proud you guys are following his style....he said betterer and we are now bettere than him as we have come up with gooder:)

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Re: MEAN PSLE t-Score 2013 and earlier

Postby slmkhoo » Sat May 24, 2014 7:48 am

rains, Fried-chicken and FQW: thanks for your opinions! I was busy last night so didn't see the post until now.

To answer PSLE2014: we didn't have the intention, but we were fully aware than parents do such things. We know some, and of course we were advised by some friends and relatives to try. Between us, my husband and I have quite a few avenues to do such things if we wanted to. However, we both don't like doing it and decided not to. For my older, not so academic girl, we helped her prepare for SPERS after which she was offered 3 schools, and we selected one of them. In fact, we chose the 'least-good' of the 3, because we felt that it was the most-suited to her for various reasons. For my younger, much more academic girl, we brought her back to Singapore in 2011 to take the PSLE, so she got into her current school through her t-score. We told her that we could not guarantee that she would do well having been overseas up till then, and we chose a list of schools with COPs ranging from 260 to 230, and told her to accept whatever she got! We believe that the quality of child matters more than the school.

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