To take unpaid leave in P5 or P6 for PSLE ?

Academic support for Primary 6 and PSLE
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Re: To take unpaid leave in P5 or P6 for PSLE ?

Post by FantasyLandDreams » Tue Sep 25, 2018 11:09 pm

PSLE leave scheme at OCBC : ... kids%3famp

Yes can take up to 3 months unpaid leave. :smile:

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Re: To take unpaid leave in P5 or P6 for PSLE ?

Post by sembgal » Thu Sep 27, 2018 9:02 pm

Social worker has paid sabbatical leave benefit!

The Sabbatical Leave Scheme aims to provide social workers the opportunity to recharge and refresh themselves. The scheme also provides social workers the opportunity to engage in activities for professional advancement.

Social workers who qualify can get:

10 weeks of paid leave with salary support up to a maximum of S$15,000 during the sabbatical period ... cheme.aspx

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Re: To take unpaid leave in P5 or P6 for PSLE ?

Post by nms1 » Fri Sep 28, 2018 10:47 am

phtthp wrote:
overthinker wrote:Hi, just chanced upon this thread while googling for info about taking unpaid leave to help my ds prep for his PSLE next year. So glad to read the sharings from like-minded parents and you've affirmed my decision to take the plunge. Not everyone around us (friends and colleagues) understand our decision but you're right, we should just go with our own motherly instincts.

Would just like an opinion here - my ds is not very self-disciplined so would require lots of pushing and supervision to get his work done. One of my goals is to help him put in place a solid study routine and hopefully instill self discipline to be more independent.

Do you think 3 months is too short to get that fixed? I'm now planning the duration for my unpaid leave.
honestly, think should have started earlier. Now, is a bit late. By beginning of P5, should already have in place a daily timetable running, working-in-progress. This was what my child's school Principal told all 2018 P5 parents, seated inside the school hall, listened attentively.

Anyway, your greatest enemy will be your child's handphone. Set the rule firmly. Be firm with him : maximum daily allowed hp usage is only 45 minutes to 1 hour maximum per day, & close to dinner time. Otherwise, even if u take no paid leave for x number of months to help him prepare psle, but handphone still controlling him, controlling his life, it will defeat your purpose.

How would a daily timetable, look like ?

In your daily timetable routine : build it around such that, for every 45 minutes of intensive learning (eg : revise a Maths Topic say "Ratio / Percentage", or revise a Science Topic say "Water Cycle", or revise an English Topic say "Synthesis & Transformation", or revise one Normal Chinese vocabulary from P5B Semester 2 textbook chapter 15), take a break in between, of say 20 minutes, before resume for another next round of 45 minutes.

Make sure his table is clear of clutter, no Television programme is turned on nearby to distract him, no handphone lying around to distract him, when he revise. Hp is very distracting, because once one "ding" sound comes in (WA message coming in), one tend to want to read who sent u the WA (whatsapp) message, thus breaking the momentum of concentration power.

Why 45 minutes, take a break ? because our human brain is tired, tend to absorb less, after around 45 minutes to one hour, of full concentration power.

All study & no work makes Jack a dull boy. Let him have a break somewhere, by letting him go swimming / cycling / play piano, play violin etc. those activities that he like to engage meaningfully in, to relax and wind down.

I find it very hard to create a timetable that the child can stick to as the quantity of homework from school each day is not consistent. Some days they come home with nothing, other days they come home with a few hours of work. If the school stuck to, for example, one hour of homework a day then it would be much easier.

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Re: To take unpaid leave in P5 or P6 for PSLE ?

Post by wkrf » Fri Sep 28, 2018 1:15 pm


My 2 cents. YMMV.

Do watch PSLE GO video. Quite an interesting short film. (Search on YouTube)
My take: kids can sense it if the parents ‘suddenly’ take Long leave to focus on them for PSLE. It may add additional stress/pressure to the kids. Coz they indirectly feel the expectation from the parents.

If really need to choose between P5 and P6 to help kid, P5 would be better IMO. If the kid is trying DSA, P5 and P6 SA1 results will be important. By end of P5, the kid would have established their foundation in their studies. P6 is just finishing up the few topics left for Primary School syllabus. From experience, time will be shorter in P6. Can’t really do much already.

Hope this helps. All the best!

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