Comparing Enrichment Programme versus Private Tutor

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Which is the better choice for supporting our children academically?

Private Tuition
Enrichment Programme
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Re: Group tuition or private?

Post by CoffeeCat » Fri Mar 14, 2014 1:32 am

chantuan_lim wrote:
Cherry Lee wrote:Both group and private tuition are equally good. It greatly depends on the preference of the child and which type of environment they are able to learn better and effectively.
I believe the main factor is the teacher...

Consider this.. if the teacher is good for 1-1.. but in a class setting he cannot address all the questions promptly for the students... then the students cannot benefit as much..

If the teacher is good for 1 to many.. but in 1-1.. he gets sleepy.. or is too strict on the child that affects learning... then how?

My nephew had this problem... he attended a tuition class.. had a very good teacher there.. and secretly hired him to teach him 1-1.. but in 1-1.. he wasnt' very effective..

Hope you can use this to consider... my 2 cents
Interesting... how did your nephew perceive the differences?

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Re: Comparing Enrichment Programme versus Private Tutor

Post by mummyholic » Thu Jul 03, 2014 2:21 pm

Hi, I'm looking for a good preschool Chinese tutor for my K1 child. I'm staying in the North. Any recommendations?

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Re: group tuitn vs pte 1-to-1 tuitn

Post by Green-apple » Sat Oct 11, 2014 8:37 pm

senseimichael wrote:
24hr-mum wrote:whc is better? for science
Science group tuition also suffers from one problem if the students are from different schools, as each school arranges their themes and topics differently by year (P3 and P4 one book, P5 and P6 another book). Some students end up studying way ahead while others do not get to cover what their school assesses.
Thx n yes agreed to your comment! May I know how to help if kids r in the group science tuition due to cost constraint, so shall we take it as learning advance for some topic and still need self reading after the tuition!

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Re: Comparing Enrichment Programme versus Private Tutor

Post by sleepy » Sat Oct 11, 2014 11:30 pm

Is there such a center?

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Re: Comparing Enrichment Programme versus Private Tutor

Post by jedamum » Sat Oct 11, 2014 11:36 pm

I enquired before, certain centres have different time slots that focus on different topics as majority of students are from neighbouring schools, so they have different slots to try to cater to different groups of schools. But that was a year ago when i asked. Three years back, another science enrichment centre we know also have tuition group by topics. Not sure if they still have now. No harm asking your preferred centres.

With psle as big picture, learning being cumulative, advance learning i feel is still OK as they still need to tackle the same topics later on. Jmho.

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Re: Comparing Enrichment Programme versus Private Tutor

Post by Green-apple » Sun Oct 12, 2014 11:22 am

In fact for science ( my ds is p3 next year) I don't know what is point to start seeking external help when they don't even try on their own!

As my though is if the centre has good teacher ( or material) and the cost is reasonable, why not? Just park them in to learn something new ( what I m looking for not to learn the content / concept ) but to practice on open ended question which I can't help him!

But if I send him to more establish centre ( xx lab , xx point) with higher cost and class room size then I think I may wish the centre may cater to his school's topic!

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Re: Comparing Enrichment Programme versus Private Tutor

Post by homebunny » Wed Nov 26, 2014 6:19 pm

tried private tuition for few years feel abit cmi. i think centres are better as they have to deliver as reputation at stake.

just me 2 cents :)

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Re: Comparing Enrichment Programme versus Private Tutor

Post by angwc » Sun Jan 25, 2015 11:37 pm

It depends on the quality of the tutor be it at centre or private tutor.
Suppose we have, say, former school teachers at the tuition centre and as private tutor then you can consider the following factors:

1) Student's current ability. If can get a decent pass but needs a push for B or A then a tuition class is okay as it is usually cheaper than private tuition for the SAME QUALITY TUTOR.

If the student is struggling to pass then attending another "general revision" class may not be good, as what the student needs is full 1 to 1 attention to address the individual's problems.

2) Student's characteristic.
If the student is quiet then he / she will probably just sit through the class not asking questions to clear doubts. Then 1 to 1 tuition would be better as a good tutor will probe the students to answer some conceptual questions.

If the student is active in asking question then a tuition class is ok.

3) Materials
A tuition class will definitely have materials provided for extra practice or revision. This is better than a lousy private tutor who comes for lessons empty handed. However for A level schools are not teaching the same order of topics. So maybe the school is teaching topic A but the centre may follow other school's order and teach topic B. This leads to more confusion as there is no revision for the kid and suddenly he / she has to learn 2 topics simultaneously.

However as a private tutor I can provide customised materials to each student based on her learning needs. Also private tutor can follow the current topic the student is learning in school.

In summary: 1 to 1 is actually better if you can get a quality tutor and you have the budget.

If a 1 to 1 ex school teacher tutor costs you $640 to $800 a month (A level math market rate) but your budget is only $400, then you may want to consider a tuition class taught by former teachers.

If you can afford $640 then it could be a good investment as it is $640 spent on a "good product" compared to $300 spent on a "flawed product".

If you need any opinions on A level math tuition please feel free to contact me.

Mr Ang
A level Math tutor ( former JC Lecturer )

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Re: Comparing Enrichment Programme versus Private Tutor

Post by mandy10_1982 » Tue Mar 24, 2015 1:02 pm

grp enrichment class seems to be better effect cos they interact w the other children and classroom setting gets them in the mood. Just my thoughts~

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Re: Comparing Enrichment Programme versus Private Tutor

Post by ChiefKiasu » Tue Mar 24, 2015 1:11 pm

Whether it is group or individual tuition, it really depends on the nature of the subject and the learning style of the child.

Group teaching tends to be more structured, and suitable to children who are more inclined to passively absorb information. Children who respond well to peer pressure will also benefit.

Individual teaching tends to be personalised and focused on trouble-shooting. It can be more efficient in teaching kids who are more responsive and curious and like unstructured learning.

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