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Re: [Choa Chu Kang] Tutors/Tuition Centres/Enrichment

Post by Chloeong » Tue Nov 20, 2018 10:39 am

Hi. Anyone has review on 5 star tuition (5* tuition)? Before I sign up for my DD, I would like to hear for any mummies’ review.

EduZ Tuition
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Re: [Choa Chu Kang] Tutors/Tuition Centres/Enrichment

Post by EduZ Tuition » Tue Jan 07, 2020 3:43 pm


For all parents feeling lost from the wide array of choices for tuition. These are some of the important considerations when picking a tuition service.

1) Location.
Very often student spent too many hours travelling to a tuition centre and losing precious time that could have been better invested.

Many tutors who do their teaching part time while waiting for other commitment tends to "drop" their students when their more important commitment comes up. So sticking to full time tutors with long time track record has its perks as they will not go missing at crucial timing.

3) Quality of tutors
Usually many tutors who just started out doesn't have much experience with teaching. Merely doing well in school is not good enough to substitute the years of experience that is required of a tutor. Transiting from being a A star student to becoming a A star teachers takes years of training, so always check with the experience of the tutors.

4) Affinity with tutors
Lastly, it is always good for the students to connect well with the tutors as this connection is what motivates many young students to learn and perform.

For parents who wish to find out more regarding to tuition service can approach Eduz Tuition, we are always glad to be able to help out

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