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Re: [Choa Chu Kang] Tutors/Tuition Centres/Enrichment

Post by tyy9449 » Mon Apr 06, 2015 10:44 pm

Hi, I am an A Level graduate currently waiting to pursue Medicine in university.
I am keen in teaching Primary school and Secondary school students, in 1 to 1 tuition setting.
Primary 1-6: English, Chinese
Secondary 1-4: Chemistry, Biology, Combined Science (Chem+Bio)
About me:
21, Chinese, Male
Graduated with 6As in A levels from Hwa Chong JC (Integrated Programme)
Science and Math Talent Programme in High School, Outstanding Student Award in Sec 4
Performed very well for English and Chinese in Secondary school and Primary school
PSLE: A* for English, Chinese, Math, Science
Integrated Programme: Perfect score, top in class in Sec 2, All As for Sec 4
Consistently performed very well for Chemistry and Biology from High School through JC (A grades for H2 Chemistry and Biology in A levels)
Stay in Bukit Timah area
Contact me at 83225872 or <tanyuyang9449@hotmail.com> for queries :)

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Re: [Choa Chu Kang] Tutors/Tuition Centres/Enrichment

Post by happymum40 » Thu May 14, 2015 5:50 pm

Anyone saw the newspaper about SmartLab about their Result Guaranteed Programme? I went into their website www.smartlab.com.sg to check out more about them. Am tempted to put my children into the programme as they stated that they will give a full refund if our children do not get the grade in the final year examination results.

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Re: [Choa Chu Kang] Tutors/Tuition Centres/Enrichment

Post by Lilian8 » Sun May 17, 2015 11:23 am

Hi Parents ,

I have 3 years tutoring experience and was a diploma level. I would like to teach below levels and subjects. I scored 6 As in O Level .Tuition will be taking place at my house at CCK Avenue 5.

Nursery to Primary 3
Maths, Chinese, Science

Nursery to k2 $8 / hr
Primary 1 to 3 $10/ hr

I am available at following day:
Sat 3 to 10pm
Sun 12 to 10pm

Timing flexible, payment by cash to be made before each lesson.
Lesson start in July , please pm for more details and to book slots now. Limited Slots.

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Re: [Choa Chu Kang] Tutors/Tuition Centres/Enrichment

Post by wenjing188 » Sat Aug 01, 2015 4:16 pm

Home tuition at my place @
Choa Chu Kang :

Preschool to Primary 6 Maths
Preschool to Primary 3 Chinese
Paper Cutting/Origami For Kids
PC Skills For Adult
Microsoft Office Skills

Pay Cash Before Each Lesson
Available At Weekends(Limited Slot)

$8-12/hr whatsapp 91907606

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Re: [Choa Chu Kang] Tutors/Tuition Centres/Enrichment

Post by tienjody » Thu Jan 14, 2016 5:00 pm

Hi all,

Anybody can share their experience with Ignite tuition centre, Just Education or Stepping Stones?

I have shortlisted these few tuition centres but I really hope to hear from fellow parents on their experience with them. I will be enrolling my ds after cny as he is weak in mathematics and home tuition does not seem to work for him.

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Re: [Choa Chu Kang] Tutors/Tuition Centres/Enrichment

Post by cokee_ang » Fri Oct 14, 2016 8:58 am

Any phonics or English tuition near southview pri?

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Re: [Choa Chu Kang] Tutors/Tuition Centres/Enrichment

Post by PinnacleLearningHub » Sun Feb 26, 2017 9:59 am


POA can be one of the easiest subject to score an A if you have an experienced and reliable tutor who has been through the subject himself and is able to commit fully to your child's education journey.

This is particularly important for students who are sitting for GCE N & O Levels this year!

With over 7 years of tutoring experience and a student who has been though the subject myself, I am well-versed with the current syllabus and I understand how daunting the subject may have perceived to be. Over the years, my students benefited greatly from my pedagogical methods and this has translated into tremendous improvements in their results. This is one of the main driving forces for me to continuously render my support to other students to achieve the PEAK in their academic journey.

Forget about any unpleasant experiences you had with POA and join me to today!

You will receive my customised lecture materials and past year school examination papers!

Need further discussion? Contact me at 8269-0919

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Re: [Choa Chu Kang] Tutors/Tuition Centres/Enrichment

Post by purplefish » Sun Dec 17, 2017 2:36 pm


I am looking for a P6 English and Science Tutor at CCK Ave 4. Anyone with recommendations ?

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Re: [Choa Chu Kang] Tutors/Tuition Centres/Enrichment

Post by Gracemin » Sat Mar 24, 2018 5:06 pm

Heard that there's a tuition centre at teck whye lane. Anyone have review on that? TutorJohn Learning Centre. Before i sign up for my girl, would like to hear for any mummies review.

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Re: [Choa Chu Kang] Tutors/Tuition Centres/Enrichment

Post by SFRLearning » Fri Nov 16, 2018 9:39 am

“No Pain No Gain” is a common phrase you will hear during studying. However, to achieve academic excellence does not always has to be a painful process.

I strongly believe and have adopted a Smart, Fun and Real learning approach in my teaching career:

Study Smart but not Study Hard”. A good plan is the first step to learn smart. I create lesson plans for my students such that they know what to achieve at the end of every lesson. Students will also received comprehensive learning material that I have created which is not only thorough in its explanation of concepts but is also an effective summary for exams revision and preparation.

Learning Can Be Fun” is always what I believe in. Even a “boring” subject like Mathematics can be interactive and fun. As a tutor, I make efforts to relate Mathematics or Science concepts learnt with interesting real-life applications such that the knowledge learnt can be better appreciated.

Real Learning Versus Rote Learning”. Rote learning is basically a memorization technique based on repetition. To be honest, Rote learning approach do work, perhaps good enough for you to pass the coming test or exams. However, students tend to forget easily what they have memorized without a good understanding and “experience” of the concepts learnt. I am a believer of Real Learning; spending time to explain and ensure my students fully understand the concept and will be able to apply them on the different real-life applications questions that I prepare for them. This is a longer process than just pure memorizing work, but with understanding and knowledge of application, the concept learnt will stay with the students for life.

A short introduction about myself:

My name is Darryl, a Private Tutor for more than 7 years, specialized in teaching the following subjects:
Lower Secondary Mathematics and Science
Upper Secondary Mathematics (Elementary Maths or Additional Maths)
Upper Secondary Physics
Upper Secondary Chemistry
I am well versed with the latest MOE syllabus and have taught more than 25 students. 80% of the students have significantly improved in their results with a grade improvement of at least one grade or more (Feel free to contact me so that I can show you some testimonials given by my previous students).

I graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, obtaining a 2nd Upper Class Honours Degree. I was also a Dean’s List holder for being the top 5% of the whole Mechanical Engineering cohort. It was my strong passion and foundation in Mathematics and Science that enabled me to excel in my degree course. I have also completed and obtained a Part Time Master’s Degree in National University of Singapore (NUS) in Science (Offshore Technology) to further my knowledge.

I conduct the following:

- Private tuition at the student's home on a 1-to-1 basis in any location in Singapore (LIMITED TIME SLOTS left)
- Group tuition at Ang Mo Kio with a maximum class size of only 3. As different schools may cover topics in different sequences, it is not beneficial for students to attend tuition with a fixed syllabus sequence that differs greatly from their school. I will customize the lessons and follow the chapters according to what each student is covering in school.

Do contact/WhatsApp me at 87538952 or email me at smartfunreal10@gmail.com to find out about the available lesson timing/slots and rates.

*FOR NEW STUDENTS ONLY*: I am giving limited trial lessons at a discounted rate for new students that are interested to try out my class. Do contact me soon for more information.

Let’s learn SMART, learn REAL and have FUN!

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