Anyone heard of DnA Learning Hub or Vincent at Pasir Ris?

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Anyone heard of DnA Learning Hub or Vincent at Pasir Ris?

Postby elishatan » Fri Jan 04, 2013 1:02 pm

I was contacted by Vincent to teach a group of children after he saw my post offering to give private tuition here: ... 85&t=48283

His group of 4 children for me consists of 2 P4, 1 P5 and 1 P6, which is quite strange because P6 should be taught privately or be grouped with other P6 children. P6 is a very different ball game from other levels!

Plus when I ask what company he owns, he says his company has no name. And I googled out that his home studio/tuition center is called DnA Learning Hub. So he basically lied to me.

Sounds very, very dodgy. Any parents heard of this center or Vincent? He conducts lessons at his home studio/tuition center at Pasir Ris.

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